Global Functional Foods Market Forecasts & Industry Analysis

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Lactose-free dairy: Opportunities, strategies and key case studies (NNB00067)
Most adults in the world are lactose intolerant, although the prevalence varies widely from low levels of lactose intolerance in Europe (around 10%) to as many as 95% of Chinese...
Mar 2012£255€303$411
Failures in Functional Foods & Beverages (NNB00037)
And what they reveal about successThe functional foods market is a tough one. Success with a new product or ingredient in this harsh and demanding market is very rare. In fact, failure is far more...
May 2009£190€225$306
Gainomax: How to create an expert brand in sports nutrition (NNB00038)
Gainomax has shown how a brand can successfully broaden the market for a sports recovery drink, reaching beyond serious "elite" athletes to draw in occasional gym goers and other mainstream...
May 2009£80€95$129
Functional and Health-Enhancing Juices (NNB00017)
7 Key TrendsIf you want to know which trends and strategies will lead you into failed product launches, weak sales, poor profits ... And which ones will reduce your risk and enable you...
Aug 2007£50€59$81
Commercialising Innovation: The Food & Health Marketing Handbook (NNB00016)
In a competitive world how do you take your technology to market so that it's your product that wins at the point of purchase? Using 20 detailed case studies,...
Jan 2003£190€225$306