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Oil Palm Plantation Riches in Nigeria

  • Publication Date:July 2010
  • Publisher:Foraminifera
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:15

Oil Palm Plantation Riches in Nigeria

In 2005, in order to stimulate local production and attain self sufficiency in vegetable oil production in Nigeria, the government introduced the presidential initiative on the development of vegetable oil over a period not exceeding three {3} years. Under the programme, attention was focused on the promotion of eleven scheduled oil seed crops and oil palm was one and it's production target was one million {1,000,000} hectares capable of producing fifteen million {15,000,000} fresh fruit bunches.

After five {5} years of implementing the initiative ,though the production level of vegetable in the country has improved ,the domestic edible oil demands far exceeds the national production leaving a short fall in supply estimated at three hundred thousand {300,000} MT yearly and making the price of crude palm oil more expensive locally than in the international market.

The report is must have for interested investors because it would provide details of the market segmentation, legal requirements,estimated cost of set-up and the expected returns on investment.

The SWOT analysis of the project is given below


  • There is a ready market for palm oil, palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake all year round
  • Availability of labour locally
  • The presence of the equipment suppliers and technical partners
  • Professional input through professional managers and Consultants
  • Central and accessible location

Potential Weaknesses

  • Unavailability of raw materials
  • Availability of experts for plant maintenance
  • Lack of adherence to business plan recommendations


  • Proximity to the busiest markets
  • Competitive pricing
  • Government incentive supports agricultural business
  • There is a large demand of palm oil, palm kernel oil and palm kernel cake.
  • Potential to create employment opportunities.
  • Possible business expansion into processing of crude palm oil, palm kernel oil and cake production.
  • Improving national economic environment.
  • High prospects due to continuing economic stability.


  • High Interest Rates
  • Availability of quality spare parts
  • Political instability in the years to come
  • Instability in Government's policies
  • Disruption of power supply thereby causing over-reliance on generators
  • Other competing plantations

The report is up to date and would enable the investor to make sound investment decision.

  • 1. Executive Summary
    • Business Opportunity
    • Product Description
    • Current Business Position
    • Financial Potential
    • The Request
  • 2. Business Description
    • Brief Overview
    • Product Description
    • Location
    • Technology
    • Ownership Structure
    • Legal Considerations
  • 3. Opportunity
    • Market Overview
    • Customer Profile
    • Primary Competition
    • Competitive Advantage
  • 4. Business Strategy
    • Vision
    • Mission
    • Business Model
    • Corporate Objective
    • SWOT Analysis
    • Critical Success Factors
    • Marketing Plans
  • 5. Organizational & Operating Model
    • Organizational Structure
    • Strategic Business Unit
    • Strategic Management Unit
    • Management Team
    • Human Capital
  • 6. Financial Plan
    • Revenue Projections
    • Finance Request
    • Repayment Plan
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