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Industrial Fastener Distributors
Business Ratio 2010

  • Publication Date:January 2010
  • Publisher:Key Note
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:180

Industrial Fastener Distributors Business Ratio 2010

This Report covers companies active as industrial fastener distributors. The Report analyses accounts filed in the three years up to 7th March 2009. Accounts with year ends falling in the 12 months up to 7th March 2009 are assigned to the third analysis period, with earlier accounts assigned to previous periods.

Why use a Business Ratio Report?

Business Ratio Reports focus on the performance of the leading players. Having closely analysed the sector, our editors and analysts have compiled the largest companies, so you don't have to.


Ideal for benchmarking your own company's performance, you can choose to benchmark your company against a major competitor, or assess the overall industry average performance. The reports enable you to focus on the criteria that are important to your business. Setting realistic performance targets becomes easier; with Business Ratio Reports, you can be confident that they are based on solid facts about your industry.

Track Performance Trends

With at least 3-years of financial data and analysis for each company and the entire industry you can identify performance trends instantly.

Identify Acquisition Targets

Business Ratio Reports make it simple for you to identify potential acquisitions. You can easily find companies that meet your criteria using the Performance League Tables.

Save Time and Money

Take the hard work out of financial performance analysis and focus on using the vital information each report imparts to drive your business forward.

The companies included in the Report are:

Anchorfast Ltd, Andrews Fasteners Ltd, Anixter Ltd, Apex Stainless Fasteners Ltd, Avery Dennison UK Ltd, BeA Fastening Systems Ltd, Decco Ltd, Durbin Metal Industries Ltd, Ejot UK Ltd, Fabory UK Ltd, F & B Profiles (Holdings) Ltd, Focus Fasteners Ltd, Forward Industrial Products Gp Ltd, F.W.B. Products Ltd, G.A. Fixings Ltd, Gunnebo Industries Ltd, Harrison & Clough, Ltd, F.P. Herting & Son PLC, Hilti (Gt.Britain) Ltd, Jet Press Ltd, Lancaster Fastener Co. Ltd, Masterfix Products UK Ltd, Maxim Industries Ltd, Midsteel Group Ltd, Mod-Fix Ltd, Monks & Crane Industrial Gp Ltd, C.H. Morgan & Co. Ltd, Nedschroef Fasteners Ltd, Northern Endeavour Ltd, Olympus Distribution Ltd, Pattonair Ltd, Profast Group Ltd, Prosper Distribution Ltd, Protex Fasteners Ltd, PSM International Holdings Ltd, PSM International Ltd, QBM Distributors Ltd, Southco UK (Holdings) Ltd, SRB Ltd, Surrey Fasteners Ltd, TFC Ltd, Trifast PLC, Triplefast International Ltd, Velcro Ltd, J.R. Webster & Co. Ltd, Wild Manufacturing Group Ltd, Winzer Wurth Industrial Ltd, Wurth UK Ltd

  • 1 Company Selection
    • 1.1 Industry Definition
    • 1.2 Company Selection
    • 1.3 Changes of Name
    • 1.4 New Additions to The Report
    • 1.5 Treatment of Holding Companies & Subsidiaries
    • 1.6 Diversity of Business Interests
    • 1.7 Large Changes in Accounts
    • 1.8 Exports
    • 1.9 Exceptionally Large Companies
  • 2 Industry Overview
  • 3 Company Profiles
  • 4 Performance League Tables
    • Size
      • Sales
      • Pre-tax Profit
      • Total Assets
      • Number of Employees
    • Profitability
      • Return on Capital
      • Return on Total Assets
      • Pre-tax Profit Margin
      • Return on Investment
      • Profit per £ of Pay
    • Efficiency
      • Asset Utilisation
      • Sales / Fixed Assets
      • Stocks / Sales
      • Debtor Days Outstanding
    • Liquidity
      • Current Ratio
      • Quick Ratio (Acid Test)
    • Gearing
      • Total Debt / Net worth
      • Equity Gearing
      • Income Gearing (Interest Cover)
    • Employee Performance
      • Pay per Employee
      • Sales per Employee
      • Capital Employed per Employee
      • Pay / Sales
    • Other
      • Exports / Sales
    • Growth
      • Sales Growth
      • Pre-tax Profit Growth
      • Total Assets Growth
      • Number of Employees Growth
      • Exports Growth
  • 5 Industry Profile
  • 6 Analysis Notes
  • 7 Definitions
  • 8 Further Key Note Sources
  • 9 Company Index
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