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Singapore Defence Industry

Singapore Defence Industry 2H10

SG Defence includes the country's defence environment, military expenditure, import and export of arms and others. As a country that is one of Asia's best equipped militaries, Singapore plans to spend a staggering SGD11.46bn on its defence during FY2010 after slight increase of SGD8mn from the previous fiscal of SGD11.45bn.

In order to enable its army forces to possess capabilities to combat decisively in wars to counter terrorism as well as conduct peacekeeping and humanitarian operations through interconnected land, air and sea defence operations, the operation of the 3rd Generation RSAF was undertaken. In which, F-15 fighter, Boinix II, F-16D 52+ Fighting Falcon were added to its fleet.

Also, this report includes the leading players in Singapore's defence industry - Singapore Technologies Engineering (ST Engineering), DuPont, Eagle Engineering Aerospace and Strategic Marine. ST Engineering specialises in providing solutions in the aerospace, electronic, land systems and marine industries. Despite a challenging economic environment, ST Engineering registered robust growth of 3.78% in its turnover in 2009 to reach SGD5.55bn, over previous year's SGD5.35bn.

  • 1. Industry Profile 1
    • 1.1 Global Overview
    • 1.2 General Overview of Singapore
    • 1.3 Defence Environment
  • 2. Market Trends and Outlook
    • 2.1 Military Expenditure
    • 2.2 Army Force
    • 2.3 Navy Force
    • 2.4 Air Force
      • 2.4.1 The 3rd Generation RSAF
    • 2.5 Satellite
    • 2.6 Import and Export of Arms
    • 2.7 Government Institutions and Government Initiatives
      • 2.7.1 Defence Science and Technology Agency (DSTA)
      • 2.7.2 Chemical, Biological, Radiological and Explosive (CBRE) Defence Group
      • 2.7.3 Defence Cooperation with Other Countries 9
  • 3. Leading Players and Comparative Analysis
    • 3.1 Leading Players
    • 3.1 Singapore Technologies Engineering Ltd. (ST Engineering)
    • 3.2 DuPont Co. (DuPont)
    • 3.3 Strategic Marine Propriety Ltd. (SMPL)
    • 3.4 Eagle Engineering Aerospace Co. Ltd. (EEA)
  • List of Tables
    • Table 1: Five Largest Suppliers and Recipients of Conventional Arms from 2005 - 2009
    • Table 2: General Economic Statistics
    • Table 3: Total Expenditure for FY2010 by Sector and Ministry
    • Table 4: Vessels of Republic of Singapore Navy (RSN)
    • Table 5: Submarines of RSN
    • Table 6: Weapons of RSN
    • Table 7: Aircraft of RSN
    • Table 8: Aircraft of Republic of Singapore Air Force (RSAF)
    • Table 9: Weapon Systems of Singapore Armed Forces (SAF)
    • Table 10: Helicopters and Transport of SAF
    • Table 11: Products by ST Electronics
    • Table 12: Products by ST Kinetics
    • Table 13: Naval Products by ST Marine
    • Table 14: ST Engineering: Financial Highlights
    • Table 15: DuPont: Financial Highlights
  • List of Charts
    • Chart 1: Top 10 Military Spenders in 2000 and 2009
    • Chart 2: The 3rd Generation RSAF
    • Chart 3: Trend Indicator Value (TIV) of Arms Import and Export
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