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Slovakia Defence and Security Report

  • Publication Date:November 2011
  • Publisher:Business Monitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:109
  • ISBN:1749-1630

Slovakia Defence and Security Report 2012

In terms of Slovakia's defence industry, the picture has remained largely unchanged despite an unexpected though very temporary spike in defence spending in 2011. The lack of defence spending has been harshly criticised by the Slovakian minister of defence. Minister Lubomir Galko warned that the Slovakian army is beginning to break down under the strain of Afghan deployment and minimal defence spending. The right-wing Slovakian government which governed prior to 2006 had adopted the Model 2015 plan, aiming for 1.85% of GDP being spent on defence by 2015, but even this modest target was abandoned under the Fico government.

Currently 86% of all defence spending is on personnel, with only 14% being spent on modernisation - a ratio which is set to hit 90:10 unless extra cash is invested. Furthermore, Galko warned that over 70% of all the equipment currently in use with the military has exceeded its planned operating life. Galko estimates that just to maintain the Slovakian armed forces as they are, 1.56% of GDP would have to be dedicated to defence. Currently, the figure is 1.49% and BMI predicts that this is set to drop to 1.36% by 2016.

The standing of Slovakia within the European Union has been hit by the country's perceived intransigence over the eurozone debt crisis. Slovakia has been outspoken in its opposition to the ever greater sums which are being required for protect Greece from default. Prime Minister Iveta Radicova said that the 'haircut' being suggested for holders of Greek debt is nowhere near large enough, calling for over half of the Greek debt pile to be forgiven. The Slovakian opposition has added to the country's reputation in European circles as an unreliable partner, but has also fed into broader discontent around the EU at the prospect of spending over a trillion euros to protect the euro.

Slovakia came under immense pressure from EU leaders and Commission figures to approve the proposed bail out, causing the Prime Minister to take desperate steps to pass the package. Prime Minister Iveta Radicova's government collapsed in October 2011, after she tried to pass the bailout through the Slovakian parliament after its initial rejection by making the issue a vote of confidence - which then failed, leading to the scheduling of elections for March. A third vote succeeded after the backing of the previously abstaining left opposition was secured.

With regards to overseas commitments, Slovakia has said that it has no plans to withdraw its Afghan contingent before 2014. The Defence Ministry said that Slovakia would maintain its ISAF presence until the overall mission was completed, with a timetable set for a handover to local forces in 2014. There are currently 346 Slovak troops in Afghanistan, with the country playing a security role as well as training Afghan soldiers, though 20 more troops are about to head to the country. The 20 special forces members will operate alongside ISAF special forces and marks the first time that Slovakian special forces have been deployed to Afghanistan since the beginning of the NATO presence in that country.

  • Executive Summary
  • SWOT Analysis
  • Slovakia Security SWOT
  • Slovakia Defence Industry SWOT
  • Political SWOT
  • Economic SWOT
  • Business Environment SWOT
  • Global Political Outlook
  • Eurozone At Centre-Stage, MENA Still A Major Risk
  • Global Hotspots: Eurozone, MENA, Afghanistan And Korea
    • Table: Election Timetable, Q4 2011-Q4 2012
  • United States: Stalemate To Persist, Heading Into Election Season
  • Latin America: Much More Uncertainty To Come
  • Western Europe: Incumbent Leaders Under Pressure
  • Central, Eastern And South-Eastern Europe
  • Russia And The Former Soviet Union: The 'Return' Of Putin
  • Middle East And North Africa: Can Democracy Take Root?
  • Sub-Saharan Africa: Testing Times
  • Asia: All Eyes On China's Moves
  • Wild Cards To Watch
  • Europe Security Overview
  • Political Risk Analysis - The Strategic Outlook For The 2010s
  • Europe In A Global Context
  • Europe's Key Security Issues Over The Coming Decade
  • Security Risk Analysis
  • BMI's Security Ratings
    • Table: Europe Security Risk Ratings
    • Table: Europe State Terrorism Vulnerability To Terrorism Index
  • Slovakia's Security Risk Rating
  • City Terrorism Ratings
    • Table: BMI's Central And Eastern Europe And Central Asia City Terrorism Index
  • Political Overview
  • Long-Term Political Outlook
    • Table: Political Overview
  • Regional Outlook
  • Regional Political Outlook
  • Security Overview
  • Internal Security Situation
  • Corruption
  • Hungarian Slovaks
  • Latest Developments
  • External Security Situation
  • Transnational Crime
  • The Balkans
  • Hungary
  • Russia
  • Central European Region
  • Latest Developments
  • Armed Forces And Government Spending
  • Armed Forces
    • Table: Regional Armed Forces, 2007 (Including conscripted, '000)
  • Defence Reform
  • Military Capabilities
  • International Deployments
    • Table: Slovakia's Foreign Deployments
  • Co-ordination And Joint Operations
  • Market Overview
  • Imports
  • Exports
  • Industry Trends And Developments
    • Table: Slovakia's Defence Key Players
  • Procurement Trends And Developments
  • Industry Forecast Scenario
  • Armed Forces
    • Table: Slovakia's Armed Forces, 2000-2008 ('000 personnel, unless otherwise stated)
    • Table: Slovakia's Man Power Available For Military Service (aged 16-49), 2009-2016
  • Government Expenditure On Defence Industry
    • Table: Defence Expenditure, 2009-2016
    • Table: Expenditure Scenario: Changing % Of GDP, 2009-2016
  • Economic Outlook
    • Table: Slovakia - Economic Activity, 2007-2015
  • Company Profiles
  • Local Companies
  • Konstrukta Defence
  • ZVS Holding
  • ZTS Špeciál
  • Foreign Companies
  • BAE Systems
  • Diehl
  • Methodology
  • How We Generate Our Industry Forecasts
  • Defence Industry
  • City Terrorism Rating
    • Table: Methodology
  • Sources
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