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US Waste Management Industry: An Analysis

  • Publication Date:June 2009
  • Publisher:Koncept Analytics
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:36

US Waste Management Industry: An Analysis

Waste management industry is highly fragmented. There is stiff competition and high barriers to entry. In United States, the current economic slowdown has affected the market but this industry has bright prospects to grow in coming years. New technologies have made the industry structure more wide and now recycling is playing an important role. Non-hazardous waste management is a mature market which has a strong hold in the overall waste management industry.

The majority of waste management industry in the US is engaged in the collection, transportation, and disposal of solid and non-hazardous waste products in landfills. By holding a large share of the industry, private companies are enjoying the maximum profit from the industry.

The market is mainly driven by quantity of waste generated and waste recycled. The other factors which contribute to the growth of the industry are gross domestic product, increasing environmental concerns and illegal dumping cases. Any changes in these factors may impact the industry accordingly.

By combining SPSS Inc.'s data integration and analysis capabilities with our relevant findings, we have predicted the future growth of the industry. We employed various significant variables that have an impact on this industry and created regression models with SPSS Base to determine the future direction of the industry. Before deploying the regression model, the relationship between several independent or predictor variables and the dependent variable was analyzed using standard SPSS output, including charts, tables and tests.

This report analyses the waste management industry in the US, with focus on solid waste treatment. The report covers all the stages of waste management including waste collection, disposal and recycling. The industry trends section discusses the regulatory environment and opportunities prevailing in the industry. The report also gives an overview of the market competition and profiles the major players, with discussion of their business strategies.

  • 1. Waste Management Industry: An Overview
    • Industry Structure
  • 2. Waste Management Industry
    • 2.1 United States
      • Waste Management Segmentation
      • Waste Generation & Collection Statistics
      • Non-Hazardous Waste Management
      • Waste Treatment & Disposal Revenues
    • 2.2 Mexico
      • Sources of Waste
      • Municipal Waste Equipment Sales
  • 3. Growth Drivers
    • 3.1 Declining Illegal Dumping Cases
    • 3.2 Recycling of Waste
    • 3.3 Solid Waste Generation Market
    • 3.4 Role of GDP in Waste Management Industry
    • 3.5 Increasing Carbon-dioxide Level
  • 4. Industry Trends
    • 4.1 Regulatory Environment
    • 4.2 Private Sector Participation
    • 4.3 Opportunity in Solid waste Management Equipment
  • 5. Competitive Landscape
    • 5.1 Major Players
      • Market Share
  • 6. Company Profiles
    • 6.1 Waste Management Inc.
      • Overview
      • Business Strategies
      • Internationalization of Disposal Facilities
      • Diversified Services
    • 6.2 Waste Services Inc.
      • Overview
      • Business Strategies
      • Decentralized Operating Management Structure
      • Vertically Integrated Operations
      • Local/Regional Operating Structure
    • 6.3 Republic Services Inc.
      • Overview
      • Business Strategies
      • Decentralized Management Structure
      • Integrated Operations
  • 7. Industry Outlook
    • 7.1 Market Forecast
    • 7.2 Forecast Methodology
      • 7.2.1 Dependent and Independent Variables
      • 7.2.2 Correlation Analysis
      • 7.2.3 Regression Analysis
  • List of Tables
    • Classification of Waste Material
    • Municipal Waste Treatment by Country
    • Municipal Solid Waste Generation, Recovery & Discards in US (2006)
    • Remediation & Other Waste Management Services in US (2002-07)
    • US Waste Treatment & Disposal Statistics
    • US Waste Treatment & Disposal Services Revenue (2006-08)
    • US Administrative/Support/Waste Management/Remediation Services (2001-07)
    • Sources Generating Organic & Inorganic Solid Municipal Waste in Mexico (2008)
    • Major Players by Industry Segment in US (2008)
    • Waste Management Inc. Revenues by Segment (2006-08)
    • Waste Services, Inc. Revenues by Region (2006-08)
    • Republic Services Inc. Revenues by Segment (2006-08)
    • Dependent & Independent Variables (1998 2008)
    • Correlation Matrix
    • Model Summary Coefficient of Determination
    • Regression Coefficients Output
    • List of Charts
    • Waste Management Hierarchy
    • Solid Waste Classification
    • Waste Collection Services in US (2005-09E)
    • US Municipal Solid Waste Generation Rates (1960-2007)
    • Non-hazardous Waste Management Segmentation (2006)
    • Products Generated in Municipal Solid Waste (2007)
    • Municipal Solid Waste Management in the US (2007)
    • Number of Landfills in US (2001-07)
    • Market Size for Solid Municipal Waste Equipment in Mexico (2006-08)
    • Landfills in the Country & Type of Concessions in Mexico (2007)
    • Volume & Number of illegal Dumping Cases in Japan (2001-06)
    • Recycling Industry Revenue in United States (2005-09E)
    • Solid Waste Generated in United States (2001-11E)
    • GDP Growth in United States (2001-10E)
    • CO2 Emission from Residential & Commercial Sectors in US (2001-11E)
    • Solid Municipal Waste Equipment Production, Import and Export (2006-08)
    • Major Players Market Share in North America (2007)
    • US Waste Management & Remediation Services Revenue Forecast (2008-11E)
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