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Analysis Report of Chinese Lubricant Industry

  • Publication Date:April 2007
  • Publisher:Sunfaith China
  • Product Type: Article
  • Pages:11

Analysis Report of Chinese Lubricant Industry

The consumption of lubricant in Chinese market has exceeded Russia, ranking the second place and next to Japan. The report introduces the general developing status of world lubricant market. It firstly indicates Asia-Pacific area, especially China will become the hotspots of the world lubricant market; then makes some analyses about the demand status of Chinese lubricant market in two ways: importing&exporting status, and demand status of different-level products; thirdly, it makes analysis about supply status of Chinese lubricant market, particularly points out the performance of large-scale state-owned enterprises and foreign integrated enterprises. At last, it forecasts the developing status of products in the fortune.

  • 1. General Status Of Lubricant Industry
  • 2. Demand Status Of Chinese Lubricant Market
  • 3. Supply Status Of Lubricant In China
  • 4. Developing Tendency Of Lubricant Products
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