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Advances in Label-Free Detection Technologies (Technical Insights)

Advances in Label-Free Detection Technologies (Technical Insights)

This research service outlines the key developments taking place globally and emerging trends in the field of label-free technologies for drug discovery applications.

  • Executive summary
    • Scope and methodology
      • Scope and segmentation
      • Research methodology
    • Label-free technologies in focus
      • Industry snapshot and key findings
      • Key innovations from academia
  • Label-free detection--a primer
    • An introduction
      • Importance of studying biomolecular interactions
      • Label-free technology and its advantages
    • Technologies and applications
      • Technology overview
      • Applications overview
  • Key innovations in label-free detection
    • Optical technologies
      • Reflectometric interference spectroscopy
      • Imaging surface plasmon resonance technology
      • Colorimetric resonant reflection-based systems
      • An spr-based technology for biomolecular interaction analysis
      • A bright technology for assay development
      • Diffractive optics technology-based instrumentation
    • Nonoptical technologies
      • A robust nonoptical technology for cell-analyses applications
      • An innovative technology based on resonance acoustics
      • A quartz crystal-based technology for surface analysis
      • A calorimetry-based system in microplate format
      • Nanopores enable label-free detection
  • Technology adoption factor analysis
    • Assessment of industry growth impacting factors
      • Positive factors influencing industry growth
      • Industry challenges and recommendations
    • Analysis and trends
      • Analyst’s insights--looking beyond the horizon
      • Swot assessment
  • Key patents and contacts
    • Patents
      • Key patents in optical label-free technology
      • Key patents in nonoptical label-free technology
    • Contacts
      • Key contacts in north america
      • Key contacts in rest of the world
  • Decision support database
    • Database tables
      • Number of biotechnology companies--world (2002 to 2012)
      • Government r&d investment in biotechnology--world (2002 to 2012)
      • Venture capitalist investment in biotechnology--world (2002 to 2012)
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