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Zen & the Design Technology of Product Packaging in Japan

  • Publication Date:February 2008
  • Publisher:PackWebasia
  • Product Type: Reference Manual
  • Pages:100

Zen & the Design Technology of Product Packaging in Japan

Packaging design in Japan is justifiably renowned for its sense of class, drama, and subtlety while at the same time embracing a seemingly endless parade of playful cartoon characters aimed at selling everything from lollies to shampoo.

However, the Zen of Japanese packaging lies not in the immaculately gravure-printed graphic design but deeper, behind the image in the shape, material and construction.

This highly illustrated graphic report features more than 130 of Japan's most innovative packaging formats.

What will I Learn?

  • Understand the Function: All packaging performs a 'function', whether to Protect, Preserve or Promote the product. Japanese packaging has another role: To comply with the world's most stringent regulatory environment.

This report focuses on the innovative Sustainability solutions in todays' market

  • Appreciate the Form: With compliance to the forefront, 'form follows function' is evident in ALL 130 package solutions.

This report provides visual examples of cutting edge sustainability solutions

  • Practical Sustainability Examples: Reductions in the volume/weight of packaging without compromising product integrity is one of the core objectives of a Life Cycle Assessment - simultaneously reducing packaging material costs and fees, transport and fuel charges and significantly contributing to waste disposal reduction.

This report illustrates current bottom line minimal-weight packaging currently in the market

  • Universal Design (UD) Applications: UD 'accessibility' solutions for the aged, visually impared and young have become part of the Japanese design process, often subtle features make the package more accessible to additional market segments.

This report highlights more than 20 UD innovations now standard in Japan's product packaging.

  • Cutting-edge Innovation: Since the retortable pouch, the line between packaging and the cooking process has been blurred. Microwavable self venting pouches, packages that 'crisp' food in the microwave; new Induction Cooking technology presents new challenges for packaging.

This report showcases the ultimate in 'packaging for the kitchen' Organised by end-use Applicatiion

  • Food & Confectonary
  • Liquid & Beverage
  • Household & General
  • Cosmetic & Personal Care
  • Transport & Logistics This report includes the name of the patent holder

Why Should I Buy this Report?
This report is in invaluable reference source to enable you to:-

  • Spot future trends and packaging developments
  • Source new designs and concepts
  • Inform your business and branding decisions
  • Pinpoint growth sectors and trends and identify factors driving change
  • Understand the competitive environment and the market's major players
  • Add weight to presentations and marketing materials
  • Identify potential partners, suppliers Who Should Buy this Report? Anyone looking for new ideas and a fresh perspective:
  • Business Development Directors
  • Packaging and Brand Strategists
  • Brand Managers
  • Packaging Designers
  • Packaging Buyers
  • Packaging Producers
  • Ch 1: Japanese Packaging: Where Art Meets The
    • Real World
    • Kirin Bamboo Grass Tea
    • Ready To Drink Tea, Pet Bottle & Shrink Sleeve.
    • Modern Manga Illustration's Direct Lineage
    • Japanese Samurai Ichijo Jiro Tadanori
    • Ronin Fending Off Arrows
    • Comic Water Bottle Label
    • Darjeeling Black Tea
    • Pet Ready To Drink Tea Bottle
    • Photo Contemporary Art On A Biscuit Box
    • Photo Strong Calliagraphic Images Are The Obvious
    • Choice For Sake
    • Table: Some Universal Design Criteria
    • Z-End Can
    • Easy Open Can
    • Photo Braille Is A Common Ud Feature On Many
    • Packs
    • Photo Implementing Ud Is A Scientific Process
    • Photo Conveniently Placed Dustbins
    • Chochin Bottle
    • The First Ever Crushable Pet Bottle
    • Table: Recycling Fees: 2007
    • Photo: Refill Packs At Retail
  • Ch 2: Food & Confectionary
    • Photo Universal Design Ink Development8
    • Package Migration
    • Photo Corrugated G-Flute Is Replacing Cartonboard
    • Photo Corrugated Developments
    • Market Development
    • Xytol Gum Pot
    • Chewing Gum Container
    • Xylitol Gum Eco Bottle
    • Chewing Gum Container
    • Packaging For Crisp Microwaved Pizza
    • E-Rp Microwavable Pouch
    • Microwavable/Retortable Pouch
    • E-Rp Travis: Microwave Pouch
    • Environmentally Conscious Microwavable Pouch
    • Ih Cooking Package
    • Direct Induction Cooking
    • Gl Film
    • Food, Toiletries, Electronics Barrier Film
    • Barrier Gl-Cup
    • High Barrier Paper Cup
    • Active Package
    • Modified Atmosphere Film
    • Beanstalk Sozai-Mansai
    • Liquid Carton
    • Kyuchan Pickles
    • Pickled Cucumber Tray
    • Double Tab Pouch
    • Retortable Pouch
    • Wapparu Sushi Container
    • Sushi Container
    • Easy-Cut Materials
    • Easy-Open Pack
    • Pattruss
    • Snack Food, Confectionery
    • Kokumaro Curry Roux
    • Ready-To-Eat Food
    • Lock Container
    • Hot Food Cup & Sleeve
    • Hot Drink Cup & Sleeve
    • Cube: Chewing-Gum Carton With Etiquette-Paper
    • Pocket
    • Chewing Gum Carton
    • Cloret's Ice
    • Sweet Wrapper
    • Koeda Compact
    • Premium Chocolate Container
    • Yoku Moku Trois Cigare & Trois Assortis
    • Chocolate Container/Dispenser
    • Unique Qr Printing Technology
    • Product Coding
    • Grilled Chicken Emergency Meals
    • Emergency Food Supplies
    • Halloween Pumpkin Display Corrugated Case
    • Fruit Transport & Display Case
    • Monteur/3p Waffles
    • Waffle Tray
    • Wakame
    • Instant Ramen Noodle Cup
    • Pastel Pound-Cake
    • Cake Box Wrapping Paper
    • Easy-Separate Food Box
    • Fast Food Tray
    • Piled Carrying Box
    • Bottle/Can Multi-Pack Carton
    • Hontashi Product Range
    • Bottle-&-Box Package Range
    • Microwave Cooking Container
    • Microwavable Food Container
  • Ch 3: Liquid & Beverage
    • Bamboo Tea
    • Shaped Pet Bottle For Traditional Ready To Drink Tea.
    • Bamboo Bottle
    • Bamboo Shaped Pet Bottle
    • Crystal Tea
    • Ugly Duckling
    • Ultra Light Weight Pet Bottle
    • Photo The Ugly Duckling
    • Photo The Ugly Duckling Holder
    • Photo Shaped Bev Cans
    • Photo Easy-Peel Labels
    • Ulb: Universal Lightweight Bottle
    • Aseptic-Fill Light-Weight Bottle
    • Kagome Tomato Ketchup
    • Ketchup Bottle
    • Ep-Pak
    • Liquid Packaging Carton
    • Jugetsudo Tea
    • Gift Package Range For Green Tea
    • 600g Ud Eco Pet Bottle
    • Edible Oil Bottle
    • Georgia Green Planet Cafe Au Lait
    • Carbon-Offset Beverage Promotion
    • Aroma Dome Can
    • Coffee Flavor & Aroma Retention
    • Ecotainer
    • Liquid Packaging Carton
    • 1.65l Slim Pet Bottle
    • Zen & The Technology Of
    • Product Packaging In Japan
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