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2008 Trends to Watch: Voice & Video Devices
Cisco Systems, Inc, Microsoft Corporation

  • Publication Date:February 2008
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Brief
  • Pages:9

2008 Trends to Watch: Voice & Video Devices Cisco Systems, Inc, Microsoft Corporation


Improvements to both speech-based transcription and embedded speech technology have led enterprises to embrace speech recognition. The use of speech with video is also gaining interest although adoption will be gradual. In this brief, Datamonitor outlines the changes in the voice and video devices markets and explains which trends will have the biggest impact in 2008.


  • Provides an overview of the trends which will impact the voice and video devices markets in 2008.
  • Explains the opportunities for embedded speech recognition.
  • Discusses how speech recognition is being used in the healthcare industry.
  • Analyses developments in the IVVR and video conferencing markets.


Issues surrounding accuracy which are tied to limitations in mobile device memory and processing power have in the past restricted the use of embedded speech. However this is beginning to change with increased mobile computing power and greater sharing of information between the device and networks.

Improvements in the accuracy of speech recognition for transcription/dictation mean it is now mature. It is becoming more widely used in the healthcare industry, chiefly for transcribing patient or review notes. Tighter budgets within the industry are also driving this adoption as software licenses for transcription are cheaper than staff costs.

Interactive voice and video response (IVVR) is a technology that will become more prevalent, albeit in a few years time. It allows users to have a visual customer service experience led by voice commands: this will add value and interest. Retail, travel and hospitality are industries where this technology can be utilized.

Reasons to Purchase

  • Identify the broad trends in embedded and PC-based speech.
  • Understand how the IVVR and video conferencing markets will develop.
    • Introduction
    • Embedded speech recognition is becoming more accessible
    • The proliferation of devices means more competitive pricing
    • 'Hands Free' driving regulations mean there is a greater need for in-car speech recognition
    • The slow deployment of 3G and data transfer costs are inhibiting growth
    • Adoption of speech solutions will continue to grow rapidly in the healthcare industry
    • Worldwide initiatives for electronic health records mean that transcription is in high demand
    • Cost pressure and patient safety are also drivers
    • High volumes of document production in the legal industry make speech recognition an attractive option
    • The IVVR market will progress slowly despite some initial interest
    • The introduction of mobile standards and the deployment of 3G networks are slow to materialize
    • The economic climate means that enterprises are less likely to invest in emerging technologies
    • However there is growing interest in video for the retail and advertising industries
    • Video conferencing will remain in the public eye
    • Vendors will continue to invest in video conferencing
    • Cost saving is likely to be the main driver for adoption
    • The social networking revolution is forcing consumer and enterprise boundaries to blur
    • Consumers are influencing enterprises' communications behavior
    • Enterprises will form policies around the use of social networking
    • Microsoft will gain mindshare after heavy investments in speech technology in 2007
    • Definitions
    • Methodology
    • Further reading
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