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Hotel Market Leaders Rank & Profile - UK 2008-2012

  • Publication Date:June 2008
  • Publisher:MTW Research
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:150

Hotel Market Leaders Rank & Profile - UK 2008-2012

MTW Research have published a brand new, comprehensive "Hotel Leaders Market Rank & Profile" Report for 2008, providing a strategic market size, trends and overview, Hotel rankings and company profiles in a unique, easy to use and cost effective publication.
This brand new, exclusive report reviews market sales, trends, key issues, profit, net worth, assets and liabilities from 2004-2012, providing a valuable insight into the performance of the UK Hotel Leaders market. Also provided is a profile of market averages for profitability, turnover, debts, assets and net worth since 2004 with forecasts to 2012.

The report also includes company profiles for the UK Hotel Market Leaders, including estimated turnover & profit, an 'at a glance' financial health chart for each company, and 3 year key financial overview, alongside full mailing address details and senior decision maker contact names.
In addition to this report, a separate spreadsheet is available to purchase as part of the Ultimate Pack with this report. The spreadsheet incorporates more detail for each company such as the figures used to arrive at the rankings and enables a more detailed analysis of each Hotel's performance and the combined totals for all companies. In addition, supplied on CD-Rom, hard copy and by e-mail, the Ultimate Pack also includes a multi-use, no limitations mailing list for the companies included in this report, with senior decision maker contact names, in an easy to use, spreadsheet format.

Key Benefits Of This 150+ Page Report Include:

  • Current, Recent and Forecast Hotel Market Size and Trends
  • Identify & Target New Clients & Develop Sales Strategies
  • Quickly & Efficiently Develop Sales Leads or Focus Your Marketing
  • Total & Average Sales, Profitability, Assets and other financials forecasted for the industry to 2012
  • Identify The Ranking & Performance Of Your Competitors
  • Benchmark & Monitor Your Company Against the Industry
  • Track & Monitor Your Competitors' Financial Performance
  • Identify & Assess Possible Acquisition Targets
  • Determine the Possible Key Threats to Your Business
  • Pinpoint Who Is Exploiting Current Market Opportunities

Key Features Of This Report Include:


  • Financial Trends in Hotel Leaders Market 2004-2012, including
  • Total Sales Revenue Estimates 2004 - 2007, Forecasts to 2012
  • Overview of Key Trends & Issues in the Market
  • Total Profit Estimates 2004 - 2012 for Hotel Market Leaders
  • Total Assets, Liabilities & Net Worth of Hotels 2004-2012
  • "Average" Hotel Market Leader Profile 2004-2012 - Turnover & Profit Estimates
  • Industry Averages 2004-12 - Assets, Debts, Net Worth & Employees


  • The Leading Hotel Market Leaders
  • Ranked by Estimated / Actual Sales Turnover in 2007
  • Each Company Ranked by Profit Estimates
  • Ranked by Combined Current & Fixed Assets
  • Industry Position by Net Worth Estimates, Number of Employees 2008

PROFILES -More than 200 Tables & Charts...

  • 1 Page Financial Profile, including
  • Full, Registered Postal Address & Senior Decision Maker / Director Contact Name
  • Company Type (e.g plc, private limited etc), Official Description of Activities
  • 3 Years Balance Sheet of Debtors, Assets, Liabilities & Net Worth
  • Turnover & Profit Estimates Made Where Accounts Not Reported
  • Number of Employees - estimated where not reported.

This Report Facilitates:

  • Cost Effective Strategic Market Analysis...
  • With the report providing a Market Overview of sales turnover, profitability, assets and other key financial data for the Hotel Market Leaders, the report enables substantial time and cost saving when undertaking strategic market planning, market research or operational activities such as identifying new sales leads.
  • Develop New & Relevant Sales Leads, Quickly & Effectively
  • For suppliers to the hotel industry, this report identifies the market leaders, illustrates their recent performance and market share and provides contact information in order to develop a list of lucrative new clients to target, quickly and effectively.

Fast and Effective Competitor Analysis...

With the report providing an Industry Overview including averages, a Ranking section and a more detailed Profile section, the depth and range of analysis provides a comprehensive overview of the market's performance and estimated ranking for each company included in the report.

Benchmark & Monitor your Company's Performance against the Industry...

3 years of the most recent accounts available, supported where appropriate by our own estimates, is supplied for each company enabling the reader to understand the position of your company in the market and gauge its performance against your competitors in recent years.

Turnover Estimates for Every Company...

MTW reports are unique in that we have provided an estimate for turnover for every company listed, enabling smaller and medium sized companies to gauge their market share, as well as the larger companies.

Track and Monitor Your Closest Competitors' Financial Performance...

Key financial data, turnover and profit estimates are provided for every company listed for the last 3 years, enabling the reader to quickly and effectively track their competitors' performance in recent years, enabling further SWOT analysis.

A Company Listing More Relevant to Your Market...

MTW Research have been researching and writing market reports in this industry since 1999 and as such we are able to develop a company listing which is more relevant to your chosen market, saving you time and money.

Identify and Assess Possible Acquisition Targets...

The ranking section of this report, coupled with and the provision of key financial data such as turnover & profit estimates, assets, liabilities and net worth for the last 3 years in the Profiles section, enables the reader to quickly identify possible acquisition targets.

Save Your Time and Your Company's Money...

MTW's Rank & Profile reports don't bombard you with irrelevant financial data, they are designed to enable you to engage in fast and effective market and competitor analysis. We focus on providing what's important in an easy to reference and use format.

This Hotel Market Leaders Rank & Profile Report enables...

  • Develop & Target New Sales Leads
  • Strategic Marketing Planning
  • Strategic Market Research
  • Competitor SWOT Analysis
  • Identify Acquisition Targets
  • Benchmark Your Company Against the Industry
  • Monitor & Compare Your Sales & Profitability
  • Direct Mailing to Increase Sales in this Industry

This Hotel Market Leaders Market report from MTW Research represents a comprehensive yet cost effective tool for undertaking competitor or customer analysis and strategic market research and planning within the UK Hotel Leaders Market. Written specifically for manufacturers, distributors, hoteliers and contractors, this easy to use, independent and unique market report represents an invaluable yet cost effective tool for any company active in the UK Hotel Market.

    • 2.1 Introduction to this Rank & Profile Report
      • Hotel Market Overview 2004-2012
      • Average Hotel Performance 2004-2012
      • Hotel Ranking
      • Hotel Profile
    • 2.2 Hotels Competitor Listing
    • 2.3 Hotels Market Performance 2004-2012
      • 2.3.1 Hotels Sales Revenue 2004-2012
      • 2.3.2 Hotels Profit 2004-2012
      • 2.3.3 Hotels Assets 2005-2012
      • 2.3.4 Hotels Liabilities 2004-2012
      • 2.3.5 Hotels Industry Net Worth 2004-2012
    • 2.4 Average Hotels' Sales Performance 2004-2012
      • 2.4.1 Hotels Average Sales Revenue 2004-2012
      • 2.4.2 Hotels Average Profitability 2004-2012
      • 2.4.3 Hotels Average Total Assets 2004-2012
      • 2.4.4 Hotels Average Liabilities 2004-2012
      • 2.4.5 Hotels Average Net Worth 2004-2012
      • 2.4.6 Hotels Average Employee/Sales Ratio 2004-2012
    • 3.1 Introduction to the Rankings
    • 3.2 Hotel Sales Estimates & Turnover Ranking 2007
      • 3.2.1 Hotels Ranking by Turnover - 2007
      • 3.2.2 Individual Turnover Estimates - 2007
    • 3.3 Hotels Ranking by Profit - 2007
    • 3.4 Ranking by Total Assets - 2007
    • 3.5 Ranking by Net Worth - 2007
    • 3.5 Ranking by Number of Employees
  • List of Charts:
    • Figure 1: Hotels Market Listing
    • Figure 2: Leading Hotels Total Sales Revenue 2004-2012
    • Figure 3: Hotels Total Sales % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 4: Hotel Market Total Profit 2004-2012
    • Figure 5: Hotel Industry Total Profit % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 6: Hotels Total Assets (Current & Fixed) 2005-2012
    • Figure 7: Hotels Total Asset % Change 2006-2012
    • Figure 8: Hotels Total Liabilities (Current & Long Term) 2004-2012
    • Figure 9: Hotels Total Liabiliites % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 10: Hotels Net Worth 2004-2012
    • Figure 11: Hotel Market Total Net Worth % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 12: Hotels Average Sales Turnover 2004-2012
    • Figure 13: Hotels Hotels Average Sales % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 14: Hotels Average Profitabilty 2004-2012
    • Figure 15: Hotels Average Profitability % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 16: Hotels Average Total Assets 2005-2012
    • Figure 17: Hotels Average Assets % Change 2005-2012
    • Figure 18: Hotels Average Total Liabilities 2004-2012
    • Figure 19: Hotels Average Liabilities % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 20: Hotels Average Net Worth 2004-2012
    • Figure 21: Hotels Average Net Worth % Change 2004-2012
    • Figure 22: Hotels Average Sales / Employees Ratio 2004-2012
    • Table 23: Ranking by Turnover 2007 - Hotels
    • Table 24: Turnover Estimates M 2007 - Hotels
    • Table 25: Ranking by Profit 2007 - Hotels
    • Table 26: Ranking by Assets 2007- Hotels
    • Table 27: Ranking by Net Worth 2007 - Hotels
    • Table 28: Ranking by Number of Employees
    • Tables 29 -150 Hotel Market Leaders Profiles & KPIs
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