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UK Cruise Market Reports

  • Publication Date:May 2010
  • Publisher:IRN Research
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:34

UK Cruise Market Reports 2009

This definitive report on the UK Cruise Market 2009 is essential for anyone involved in the cruising and travel industries. The combination of authoritative passenger statistics from all cruise lines operating in European markets and the results of the syndicated UK Cruise Market Survey of cruise passengers provides the clearest view of one of the most important markets in the travel sector. It is produced in cooperation with Passenger Shipping Association (PSA), the UK´s trade association for passenger shipping.

Contents include:

  • UK Cruise Market Position – Comparison with outbound holiday market by volume and share of holiday expenditure.
  • UK Cruise Market Segmentation – Destinations and type of cruise trends, prices and Ultra Luxury segment.
  • UK Cruise Market Customer Profile – Age, gender, residency and newspaper readership.
  • UK Cruise Market Booking Behaviour - Booking lead times, booking method, reason for booking, price paid, recency and frequency of Cruising
  • UK Cruise Port Statistics – Trends in embarkation and port of call cruise ship and passenger visits to UK ports.
  • International Comparison of European, North American and Australian Cruise Markets.
  • PSA Cruise Member Line Addresses.
  • PSA Fleet by member line, and Ocean-going cruise vessels-scheduled New Buildings
  • Introduction
  • 1. Ocean Cruise Holidays Market Position
  • 2. Ocean Cruise Holidays Product Segmentation
  • 3. Ocean Cruise Holiday Takers Age Analysis
  • 4. Ocean Cruise Holiday Takers Brand And Cruising Loyalty
  • 5. Ocean Cruise Holidays Cruise Holiday Booking Analysis
  • 6. Ocean Cruise Holidays Residence And Readership Analysis
  • 7. Ocean Cruise Holidays Exclusive Collection
  • 8. Ocean Cruise Holidays Specialist Collection
  • 9. River Cruise Holidays Destination Breakdown
  • 10. Uk Cruise Port Statistics
  • 11. Contribution Of Cruise Tourism To The Economies Of Europe
  • 12. European Market
  • 13. North American Ocean Cruise Holidays
  • 14. Cruise Holiday Destinations Of Psa Members
  • 15. Psa Cruise Member Lines
  • 16. Psa Fleet By Member Line
  • 17. Ocean-Going Cruise Vessels Scheduled New Buildings, 2007-2011
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