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Eco Animal Health Group Plc (WRT39438)
A textual analysis of the financial results for Eco Animal Health Group Plc compared to selected competitors. Also included are quantitative analyses of the company's financial statements, extensive...
Apr 2014£34€40$55
Global Pet Care Market 2014-2018 (INF03352)
About Pet Care ProductsPet care products are developed specifically for household pets and include food, healthcare products, grooming products, hygiene products, and accessories. Pet food is specially formulated from either...
Mar 2014£1,550€1,839$2,500
Glenands Group in Pet Care (India) (EUR31186)
Glenands Group is likely to focus on expanding its reach in northern and western parts of the country by distributing its products across the regions. The company is likely to...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Cargill India Pvt Ltd in Pet Care (India) (EUR31170)
Cargill India intends to leverage on the strengths of Provimi BV to become a global leader in animal nutrition in the forecast period. The company will focus on offering a...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Royal Canin India Pvt Ltd in Pet Care (India) (EUR31196)
Royal Canin aims to extend its distribution network to smaller cities in India over the forecast period. The company is also expected to organise campaigns to generate awareness of the...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Mars International India Pvt Ltd in Pet Care (India) (EUR31153)
Mars International India is likely to focus on strengthening its distribution network across the country. In addition, the company is set to introduce specialised products to compete with new entrants....
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Virbac Animal Health India Pvt Ltd in Pet Care (India) (EUR31116)
Virbac Animal Health India is expected to focus on strengthening its distribution of pet healthcare and pet dietary supplements. The company is also set to advertise and market its products...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Aanjaneya Lifecare Limited (AANJANEYA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review (GDA29932)
Aanjaneya Lifecare Limited (AANJANEYA) - Financial and Strategic SWOT Analysis Review provides you an in-depth strategic SWOT analysis of the company's businesses and operations. The profile has been compiled by...
Mar 2014£78€93$125
Veterinary Services in South Korea: ISIC 852 (EUR29390)
Euromonitor International's Industrial reports provide a 360 degree view of an industry. The Industrial market report offers a comprehensive guide to the size and shape of the Veterinary Services market...
Mar 2014£401€475$645
MaxiPro (Asia) Ltd in Pet Care (Hong Kong, China) (EUR31097)
MaxiPro (Asia) Limited is expected to continue improving its reputation by expanding its Kakato Animal Bus service. Its reputation for taking care of pet owners' needs will benefit sales of...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Top Value International Ltd in Pet Care (Hong Kong, China) (EUR30959)
Top Value International Ltd is expected to focus on maintaining and expanding its distribution network to widen its retail client base in Hong Kong. With its large client base, including...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
ADP Pentagon Pets Ltd in Pet Care (Hong Kong, China) (EUR31057)
As the company needs to compete with lower prices from online pet shops, it is likely to continue offering more discounts to pet owners to retain their custom. Moreover, the...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
David Fung Pet Products LTd in Pet Care (Hong Kong, China) (EUR30946)
David Fung Pet Products Ltd is expected to continue introducing unique pet care products to maintain its position. Moreover, it is likely to engage in joining various pet conferences to...
Mar 2014£102€121$165
Animal Health Deals and Alliances of 2013 (CTP00650)
The report will be delivered in PDF format within 3 working days of receipt of order. If print or CD-Rom version purchased, the report will be sent by courier using...
Mar 2014£930€1,103$1,495
Addressing Food and Lifestyle: Innovations in Global Pet Care (EUR30835)
In the face of continued economic uncertainty and challenging market forces, companies must innovate carefully to ensure new products will succeed. The pet care industry is increasingly influenced by ‘lifestyle'...
Feb 2014£1,335€1,584$2,150
Alltech, Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review (GDA22265)
Alltech, Inc. - Strategic SWOT Analysis Review provides a comprehensive insight into the company's history, corporate strategy, business structure and operations. The report contains a detailed SWOT analysis, information on...
Feb 2014£78€93$125
Merck & Co., Inc. - Strategy and SWOT Report (MKL62112)
Merck & Co., Inc. - Strategy and SWOT Report, is a source of comprehensive company data and information. The report covers the company's structure, operation, SWOT analysis, product and service...
Feb 2014£110€131$175
CJ Cheiljedang Corp in Pet Care (South Korea) (EUR30641)
The company plans to expand its sales through online platforms, including marketing campaigns through social networks, with the aim of appealing to young consumers.Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a...
Feb 2014£102€121$165
Woosung Feed Co Ltd in Pet Care (South Korea) (EUR30661)
Woosung Feed Co Ltd is focusing on its feedstuff business by forging agreements with other companies based in developed countries, such as Nakata Makoto of Japan, to achieve an upgrading...
Feb 2014£102€121$165
Dae Joo Co Ltd in Pet Care (South Korea) (EUR30677)
As a result of large-scale food manufacturers and retailers introducing new pet care products or entering the industry with large investments, Dae Joo's position in pet food has been weakened...
Feb 2014£102€121$165
Animal Health Market Consolidation: Who will not survive? (VPG00758)
- Will the industry consolidate, decentralize, or undergo a bimodal transformation? - How will the current trends affect the major market segments? - Which companies will enter the market and...
Jan 2014 £0
Pet Medications in the U.S.: Over-the-Counter and Prescription Remedies as Consumer Products, 3rd Edition (PKF00287)
The market for pet medications in the U.S. is experiencing considerable activity. Longtime flea and tick leader Frontline (from Merial) is finally feeling the effects of the patent expiration of...
Jan 2014£2,480€2,942$3,995
Universal Robina Corp in Pet Care (Philippines) (EUR30573)
Over the review period, the agribusiness unit of Universal Robina Corp has continued to improve the distribution of its Bow Wow brand of dog food through its exclusive partnerships with...
Jan 2014£102€121$165
Pet One Inc in Pet Care (Philippines) (EUR30593)
With the rising competition in pet food, Pet One has continued its commitment to total pet nutrition by expanding its product portfolio and ensuring adequate distribution. From its first brand...
Jan 2014£102€121$165
Bio Research Inc in Pet Care (Philippines) (EUR30385)
Towards the end of the review period, Bio Research continued to expand its range of pet food and pet products. Whereas it previously offered mainly fish food and pet fish,...
Jan 2014£102€121$165