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China Antibodies & Database Package

  • Publication Date:April 2007
  • Publisher:General Biologic
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:42

China Antibodies & Database Package

With a rapidly growing economy, cost advantages, a skilled workforce, and a governmental commitment to the sciences, China is becoming increasingly important in the global biotechnology industry. Successful forays into high technology manufacturing and the increasing prestige of its scientific institutes have provided China with a strong platform for high-tech development.

China Antibodies is an essential resource for companies, investors and entrepreneurs interested in accessing China's antibody industry. This report offers a comprehensive overview and analysis of China's antibody industry together with a directory of more than 30 antibody-related enterprises. Detailed case studies and profiles of companies are included with information such as company size, customer segments, and executive profiles. This report includes cost data and addresses large-scale manufacturing.

China Antibodies database includes 30+ Chinese antibody companies that produce antibody products or provide antibody services. Antibody products include antibodies for laboratory use, diagnostic use, and therapeutic antibodies. Antibody services refer to the tailored antibody preparation services including monoclonal and polyclonal antibody preparation. All of the antibody companies in the database include the following information:

  • I. Contact information
  • II. Company general information
  • III. Details on products and services provided
  • I. Introduction and Overview
  • II.History of Antibodies in China
  • III.The Market Landscape of Distributors
  • IV.Products
    • Antibodies for laboratory use
    • Antibodies for diagnostics
    • Protein chips
    • Antibody therapeutics
    • V.Services
    • Tailored preparation services
    • Cost analysis
  • VI.Antibody Technology Landscape in China
  • VII.Players and Business Models in the Antibody Industry
    • Institutes
    • Companies
  • VIII. Government and Regulatory
  • IX.The Future
  • X.Opportunities for Multinationals
  • XI. Leading Antibody Researchers in China
  • XII. Case Studies
  • XIII. Profiles
  • XIV. Directory
  • XV. Figures
    • 1.History of therapeutic antibodies
    • 2.China's unit volume for HBV, HCV, and HIV diagnostic products
    • 3.Number of antibody service providers (monoclonal vs. polyclonal)
    • 4.Price comparisons for New Zealand rabbits
    • 5.Price comparisons for BALB/c mice
    • 6.Antibody-related papers published in China from 1994-2004
    • 7.Antibody company segmentation
    • 8.Antibody company core business area breakdown
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