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RNAi/MicroRNA 2007

  • Publication Date:February 2007
  • Publisher:Select Biosciences
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:117

RNAi/MicroRNA 2007

This report presents an industry analysis of the RNAi and microRNA markets in both qualitative and quantitative terms. Select Biosciences' industry tracking of these spaces involves analyses of the technology trends as well as market analysis. Select Biosciences presents primary market survey data in this report that describes the qualitative and quantitative metrics in the RNAi and microRNA markets.

Topics Covered in This Report

  • Market analysis of the microRNA space-primary market research data
  • Market opportunity in the microRNA research space, market size, growth rate
  • Technologies for RNA interference [RNAi]
  • Commercial products and formats for inducing RNAi
  • RNAi space: Industry SWOT analysis
  • Market analysis of the RNAi space-primary market research data
  • Market opportunity in the RNAi space, market size, growth rate
  • Chapter I. Introduction to microRNAs and Market Analysis of the microRNA Space
    • Introduction to microRNAs
    • Biology of microRNAs
    • Market analysis of the microRNA spacePrimary market survey results and conclusions
    • Quantitative market metrics
    • Emerging end-user trends in microRNA research
    • Market size, growth
    • Unmet market needs
    • Research methodology
    • PPT3-30
  • Chapter II. Introduction to RNAi
    • Biology and mechanisms of RNA interference [RNAi]
    • Glossary of terms in the space
    • Applications of RNAi and value proposition to the industry
    • W1-W18
  • Chapter III. Technology trends in the RNAi space
    • Market segmentation
    • Technologies for mediating the RNAi phenomenon
    • Detection of the knockdown event
    • Libraries of siRNAs/shRNAs: Enable genome-wide knockdown
    • Product formats in which si/shRNA libraries are offered commercially, and their associated advantages/disadvantages
    • MicroRNAs and RNAi: What is the role of microRNAs in vivo?
    • RNAi industry SWOT analysis
    • W19-W43
  • Chapter IV. Market analysis of the RNAi space
    • Primary market survey to collect data on qualitative and quantitative RNAi market metrics
    • Qualitative market trendsreported by end-users based on market survey
    • Quantitative market metricsend-user based on market survey
    • Types of RNAi technologies being utilized currently
    • RNAi product formats and their representation in the
    • W44-W69
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