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200 China-based Best CROs and CMOs

  • Publication Date:March 2009
  • Publisher:JZMed
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:252

200 China-based Best CROs and CMOs

As Chinese pharmaceutical outsourcing industry plays more and more important roles in today's world pharmaceutical industry, it has become increasingly urgent for the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies worldwide that plan to outsource any part of their drug research, manufacturing and sales work to China, to have a complete collection of information with regards to the current services offered by Chinese service providers and their capabilities in each technical area.  To facilitate these outsourcing companies selecting a right service partner in China whose service capability ideally matches the requirements of their to-be-outsourced projects, we extracted from our database 200 China-based, best outsourcing service providers (CROs and CMOs) and compiled them into this Company Profile.

In addition to detailed contact information, the report examined twelve areas for each service provider to measure their service capabilities.  The examined categories include: 

1.    Full description of each provider's service scope;
2.    Analysis and comments of their service features and strengths;
3.    Evaluation of their service capability levels according to international pharma outsourcing standard;
4.    Description of their facility and capacity;
5.    In-house products that are ready to offer;
6.    The number of technical employees including the percentage of senior level scientists;
7.    Year the service company was founded;
8.    Service experience and customers each has served so far;
9.    Latest annual service revenues;
10.    Background of service company's founder(s) or current executive(s) including their scientific/education merits and work experiences;
11.    Overall rating of each service provider among all China-based CROs and CMOs;
12.    Latest business move/development.

The report contains the largest number of pharma outsourcing service providers that are currently active in China.  It is the only one of its kind that is currently available on market.  It provides the most complete coverage in every service area of the entire Chinese pharma outsourcing industry.  It is the best information source desired by all types of companies that are interested in pharma outsourcing in China.

Main Features of the Report
  • The report does not intend to include the detailed information of a service provider's company history, background or organizational structure.  Instead, it focuses on the information of their service features, technical capabilities, products to offer, service experience and the structure of technical staff.  The report therefore specifically addressed the following questions: What can these Chinese CROs/CMOs do?  How good is their capability in each service area they provide?  How to compare their service capability with their peer competitors, both domestically and internationally? Are they top tier players in the desired service area? How is their service experience? Who are the customers they have served? etc.  To this end, the report examined, for each service provider, a total of twelve technical categories to measure their service capabilities.  These categories are considered the most important for an outsourcing company to know when it looks for a service provider in China.
  • To help outsourcing companies better understand where the China pharma outsourcing industry in general and each interesting service provider in specific currently stand in the world outsourcing industry, and also to facilitate them to easily differentiate and identify their desired service providers from a large pool of candidate vendors, the report classified, based on the current development state of the world pharma outsourcing industry, the outsourcing service capability into five different levels, from the lowest Level 1 to the highest Level 5.  A clear definition for each capability level is provided.

  • In addition to classifying and defining service capability levels to measure the service strengths of Chinese CROs and CMOs, the report also created a second criterion to cross-measure the overall strengths of a Chinese service company.  Based on each company's service history, experience, company size (both revenue and staff) and the structure of scientific staff, the report successfully classified all China-based CROs and CMOs into three classes: 1st (top) tier player, 2nd tier player and 3rd tier player.  Again, each class of players has a clear definition.

  • The report also completely sorted out all China-based CROs and CMOs in accordance with the lengthy value chain of drug R&D, manufacturing and marketing.  Vendors providing the same type of services are grouped together and listed in company index.  The narrowed search scope provides an easy use to outsourcing companies who are interested in the service providers in a specific technical area.
  • Outsourcing companies, after looking into the company profile of each interesting service provider among a large pool of vendors, will become comfortable identifying their desired service provider(s) and approaching them directly.  The report will therefore save them a preliminary trip to China which generally includes a team of company executives and takes place before they start contract negotiations with any interesting service providers.
Your Questions Are Answered

The report provides answers to following questions every outsourcing company asks when planning to outsource to China:
1.    Where can I find a desired Chinese service provider?
2.    How many choices could I have?
3.    How do I know what services they currently offer?
4.    How good is each of them?
5.    How do I know whether they can handle my projects?
6.    What companies have they serviced so far?
7.    Which one could best meet the requirements of my projects?
8.    Whether is the service provider I choose the best of the class?
9.    Where are they located in China?
10.    How to approach them?

Who Should Buy This Report
  • Pharma/biotech companies that have already had outsourcing activities in China but would like to have more service providers as their backup service candidates.
  • Pharma/biotech companies that have been slightly familiar with the China pharma outsourcing service industry but wish to have better understanding of the entire Chinese industry.
  • Pharma/biotech companies that are currently in plan to outsource any part of their drug research, manufacturing and sales work to China.
  • Pharma/biotech companies that will consider China as a potential choice for their outsourcing activity in near future.
  • Any organizations such as government agencies and market research institutions that are interested in closely following the development of this Chinese industry.
  • Financial investment companies that wish to better understand the development situation of the interesting Chinese service providers in order to facilitate their decision making process for potential investment.Outsourcing service companies, both within and outside China, that wish to have better understanding of their competitors and where their own service levels presently stand in the entire world pharma outsourcing industry in order for them to improve and strengthen their service capabilities.
  • Executive Summary
  • Part I. Evaluation of Service Capabilities of All China-based CROs and CMOs
    • 1. Classification and definition of service capability levels of contract pharmaceutical research and manufacturing organizationsaccording to international standard
    • 2. Classification and rating of China-based CROs and CMOs
  • Part II. Company Profile (All companies are listed in alphabetic order)
  • Company Index
    • 1.CROs Providing Drug Discovery Service
    • 2.CROs Providing Target Identification and Verification Service
    • 3.CROs Providing ADME/Tox Service
    • 4.CROs Providing Clinical Research Service
    • 5.CROs Providing Preclinical Research Service
    • 6.CROs Providing Custom Synthesis Service (Small Molecules up to Multi Kilo-gram Scale)
    • 7.CROs Possessing Focused Compound Libraries
    • 8.CROs/CMOs Providing Process R&D and Scale-up Synthesis Service
    • 9.CROs Providing Research Service in Genomics and Proteomics
    • 10.CMOs Providing API Manufacturing Service
    • 11.CMOs Providing Manufacturing Service of Macro Compounds (Peptides, Proteins, Antibodies, etc.)
    • 12.CROs/CMOs Possessing FDA/EMEA Certified cGMP Facility
    • 13.CROs/CMOs Providing Service in Formulation and Drug Delivery Research
    • 14.CROs Providing Drug Registration and Marketing Service
    • 15.CROs Providing Clinical Trail and Registration Service for Medical Devices
    • 16.CROs Providing Services in Bio-imaging, Diagnostics and Biomarkers
    • 17.CROs Providing Bioanalytical Services
    • 18.List of first tier players
    • 19.List of second tier players
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