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PharmaDeals Essential Deal Trends: Oncology 2011

  • Publication Date:November 2011
  • Publisher:PharmaDeals
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:60

PharmaDeals Essential Deal Trends: Oncology 2011

PharmaDeals® Essential Deal Trends is an exciting new deal trend analysis resource from PharmaVentures' expert analysts. It provides crucial facts, figures and analysis for business decision support, helping to answer questions such as:

  • 'Can I benchmark my deals against others?',
  • 'Are we getting the best value for our asset?', or simply,
  • 'what are the characteristics of the deal making landscape within our therapeutic space?'.

Essential Deal Trends publishes a new report based on key therapeutic areas every month, such as Oncology, Diseases of the Cardiovascular System, Vaccines, or Diseases of the Central Nervous System. For those fast-moving areas, such as Oncology, we update the report every 6 months, to ensure you have the latest trends at your instant disposal. Whether you're interested in Mergers and Acquisitions, Licensing deals, or more exotic deal structures, Essential Deal Trends offers expert analysis from Senior Consultants and Advisors at PharmaVentures.

By segmenting deals by deal type, by phase of development, and by product type, Essential Deal Trends is a must-have resource for everyone involved in deal-making.

Case studies classified as 'Super Deals', 'Trend-Busters', and 'In-line Deals'

We look at deals that are on trend, buck the trend or even represent a potential paradigm shift; in each case, embedded Case Studies relate the abstract numbers back to specific examples.

Wealth of Tables and Figures 'ready for use'

At the heart of Essential Deal Trends lies the facts and figures that underpin any analysis. Use the tables and figures directly in your presentations and reports.

PharmaDeals iReport offers much more

Fully searchable and interactive online format. Great search facility, language help (in 9 languages, including Japanese, French, German and Spanish), and easy to browse and get the text, tables and figures you need - quickly.

Our systematic approach help you organize your information for further meta-analysis

All reports in the series have a consistent structure, which means that you can easily navigate between reports, extracting information across multiple reports and making comparison. For instance, if you are interested in conducting meta analysis on graphs of deals numbers by phase of development across multiple therapeutic areas, then simply use the Cut and Paste feature to create your own report.

Fully exportable in different formats

All text, figures and tables are exportable into MS PowerPoint, MS Word and PDF, allowing you to manipulate the data to suit your own analytical or forecasting needs.

Deal Linking

Essential Deal Trends is underpinned by PharmaDeals' unique, proprietary database which provides timely, actionable, market intelligence for analysts, business developers and company executives in the life-sciences sector. Drawing on extensive data covering over 41,000 deals, Essential Deal Trends gives in-depth, detailed insight into a range of different deal types across therapeutic areas. Link quickly from the reports to the full deal records (requires a PharmaDeals Agreements subscription).

  • 1 The Market
    • Market Drivers
    • Market Size
    • Key Players
    • Oncology Products
  • 2 Overall Trends in Deal Making
    • Total Oncology Deals
    • Oncology Deal Values
    • Top 15 Oncology Deals
  • 3 Further Deal Trends Analysis
    • Oncology Deals by Deal Types
    • Oncology Deals by Phase of Development
    • Case Studies
    • Oncology Deals by Deal Value
  • 4 Product Deals
    • Number of Oncology Product Deals
    • Oncology Product Deals by Phase of Development
    • Oncology Product Deals by Total Deal Value
    • Product Deal Values by Average Deal Value
    • Case Studies
    • Breakdown of Products Deals:
    • Small Molecules, Biologics,
    • Vaccines and Diagnostics
    • Collaborative R&D Deals
    • General Analysis of Oncology Product Deals
  • 5 Mergers and Acquisitions
    • Merger and Acquisition Oncology Deals
    • Oncology M&A Total Deal Values
    • M&A Case Studies
  • 6 Finance Deals
    • Number of Oncology Finance-Based Deals
    • Case Study - Trail-Blazing:
    • Non-Profit Steps into the Funding Gap
  • 7 Manufacturing and 'Other' Deals
    • Total Number of Manufacturing and 'Other' Deals
    • Case Studies
  • 8 Marketing Deals
  • 9 Financial Deal Terms
    • Oncology Deal Royalties
    • Oncology Deal Upfront Payments
    • Oncology Deal Milestone Payments
  • 10 Future Oncology Deal Making
  • Appendices
    • 1. Oncology Deals Data per quarter, last 12 months
    • 2. Top 12 Pharma Company Oncology Deals
    • 3. Published Video with Views and Opinions
    • 4. List of Case Studies and Deals Referenced
    • 5. Additional Tables Referenced in the Report
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