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Epigenetics and MicroRNA Diagnostics/Therapeutics 2008

Epigenetics and MicroRNA Diagnostics/Therapeutics 2008

This is the latest Epigenetics and MicroRNA Diagnostics/Therapeutics Market Report from Select Biosciences. This report presents an up-to-date and thorough analysis of the Epigenetics Marketplace based upon our continuing industry coverage. Epigenetics is undergoing a massive industry expansion and this report focuses in on the science, market, and therapeutics trends in this emerging area.

MicroRNAs are an emerging and important component of the epigenetic market space and therefore Select Biosciences focuses in on the diagnostic and therapeutics opportunities in this report-these are expanding opportunities with various companies establishing their positions.


This report presents an exhaustive analysis of the science behind epigenetics as well as the therapeutics landscape-the current FDA-approved therapeutics as well as the trials pipeline. Select Biosciences has also performed proprietary market surveys to assess the epigenetics market landscape qualitatively and quantitatively. The overall focus of this report therefore is on the science and business that is leading to market opportunities and translating into epigenetic therapeutics. Select Biosciences also presents in this report the current worldwide pipeline of all the HDAC inhibitors in various stages and the impact HDAC inhibitors are making in epigenetics-these are important therapeutics that are impacting epigenetics-based therapeutics.


Select Biosciences has extensively characterized the life science research marketplace for microRNAs in a recently-published market report-MicroRNA 2008. In the current report, Select Biosciences focuses on the emerging microRNA landscape for diagnostics and therapeutics. There has been significant industry activity in this space recently with several new entrants. Select Biosciences map the market landscape for diagnostics and therapeutics-characterizing various disease areas potentially impacted by microRNA diagnostics/therapeutics. Select Biosciences proprietary market surveys addressed the qualitative and quantitative trends in the microRNA marketplace in terms of technologies utilized, diagnostics/therapeutics markets impacted, and quantitative industry metrics-this highly valuable and recently collected dataset is based on an extensive market analysis performed by Select Biosciences Industry Analyst Team-all the raw data and analyses based on the data are presented in the report.

The report provides an up-to-date coverage of the patent applications in the microRNA space defining the intellectual property (IP) coverage, especially as they relate to diagnostics and therapeutics.

Topics Covered in this Report

  • Overview and introduction to the epigenetics landscape
  • Thorough and up-to-date discussion of the science behind epigenetics
  • Industry macro trends in the epigenetics space
  • Epigenetics as a therapeutics opportunity: [a]. Current FDA-approved drugs, [b]. R&D Pipeline, [c]. Worldwide pipeline of HDAC inhibitors-an important therapeutics regimen based on epigenetics
  • Epigenetics qualitative and quantitative market trends based on market survey-both the raw data and analysis of the data are presented in the report [up-to-date raw data are accessible via Select Biosciences' secure server]
  • Technologies being utilized for studying epigenetics and their relative penetrance into the marketplace
  • MicroRNA market trends as they relate to diagnostics and therapeutics-qualitative and quantitative analysis [up-to-date raw data are accessible via Select Biosciences' secure server]
  • MicroRNA technologies that will impact diagnostics
  • Various disease areas being impacted by microRNA diagnostics and therapeutics and their relative timeline
  • Profiles of selected companies in the microRNA diagnostics/therapeutics spaces
  • Up-to-date MicroRNA intellectual property (IP) landscape

Companies Profiled in this Report

  • Asuragen Therapeutics
  • Epigenomics AG
  • Exiqon A/S and Oncotech
  • OncoMethylome Sciences S.A.
  • Regulus Therapeutics LLC
  • Rosetta Genomics Ltd.
  • Santaris Pharma A/S
  • Stealth Biotech Aps
  • Chapter I. Executive Overview of the Space
    • What is Epigenetics?
    • Epigenetics: An emerging market space
    • How Epigenetics modifications affect gene expression
    • Cellular pathways disrupted by promoter CpG island hypermethylation
    • The various chromatin modifications
    • MicroRNAs as an epigenetic controller
    • Scope of this report
  • Chapter II. Biology of Epigenetics
  • Chapter III. Epigenetics Market Landscape
    • Technologies to study epigenetics
    • Epigenetics-based therapeutics pipeline
    • Primary market survey: Characterizing the epigenetics landscape in qualitative and quantitative terms
    • Emerging trends in the epigenetics marketplace
    • Profiles of selected epigenetics diagnostics-focused companies
  • Chapter IV. Market LandscapemicroRNA-based Diagnostics and Therapeutics
    • microRNAs in Cancer (Types of cancer, microRNA associations)
    • microRNAs associated with diseases other than cancer
    • Developmental pathways are also regulated by microRNAs, and these may be therapeutics targets
    • microRNAs that may regulate cancer-related genes
    • microRNA expression profiling in human cancers and its significance
    • Primary market survey: Characterizing the microRNA landscape in qualitative and quantitative terms
    • Profiles: Selected microRNA diagnostic and therapeutics focused companies [their business focus, R&D pipeline, and business models]
    • Appendix I. Research Methodology
    • Appendix II. Glossary of Terms
    • Appendix III. IP Filings in the microRNA Space
    • Appendix IV. Selected Events in the Epigenetics Marketplace
    • Appendix V. HDAC InhibitorsR&D Pipeline
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