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Alzheimer's Disease Market Forecast

  • Publication Date:November 2010
  • Publisher:Datamonitor
  • Product Type: Interactive Model

Alzheimer's Disease Market Forecast

Current management of Alzheimer's disease is wholly inadequate, providing only symptomatic benefit to patients in whom the underlying neurodegeneration continues unabated. However, with the launch of the first disease-modifying drugs, combined with the availability of predictive biomarker tests that enable earlier diagnosis, the Alzheimer's disease treatment paradigm is set to change radically.


  • Breakdown of historic (2009) and future (2010-19) prescription sales across the seven major markets consisting of the US, Japan, and 5EU.
  • Commercial and clinical assessment of key late-stage pipeline drugs, with key opinion leader comment and region-specific sales forecasts to 2019.


The value of the Alzheimer's disease market across the seven major markets was $4.7bn in 2009 and is forecast to reach $11.9bn by 2019. Future market growth is set to be driven by the first disease-modifying drugs, given their significant price premium, likely therapeutic role as an adjunctive and potential utility in prodromal Alzheimer's disease

Datamonitor forecasts that the current late-stage pipeline will yield three blockbusters, but this is by no means guaranteed considering the high risk of failure in Phase III Alzheimer's disease trials. Of the pipeline drugs, Datamonitor believes that bapineuzumab and solanezumab have the most commercial and clinical potential.

Datamonitor expects the symptomatic market will remain active in this disease. New symptomatic entrants to the market will include Aricept patch and the first-in-class 5-HT6 receptor antagonist SB-742457.

Reasons To Purchase

  • Who will be the winners and losers in the future Alzheimer's disease market?
  • What are the commercial prospects of potentially disease-modifying therapies in Alzheimer's disease patients over the next 10 years?
  • Is the market still receptive to drugs with a purely symptomatic mode of action, in light of the impending availability of generic donepezil?
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