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Pediatric Drug Delivery
Technology and Product Opportunities, 2nd Edition

  • Publication Date:October 2010
  • Publisher:MCD Group
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:251

Pediatric Drug Delivery Technology and Product Opportunities, 2nd Edition

This 250+ page report provides a comprehensive overview of the pediatric drug delivery market and includes relevant market data, key players, pharmaceutical product information, drug delivery technology profiles, and partnering opportunities.  

According to the report Pediatric Drug Delivery:  Technology and Product Opportunities, 2nd Edition, there is a strong need for development and commercialization of pediatric-friendly formulations.  Presently, there are not enough marketed formulations that are suitable for pediatric patients and this report hopes to increase awareness of the unmet needs in the pediatric segment while also providing actionable information for formulation and marketing companies.  

In order to facilitate development and commercialization of new pediatric products, this report identifies therapeutic categories where the need exists for pediatric-friendly formulations (easy to swallow formulations such as liquids and dissolvable tablets) and provides examples of specific drugs that are candidates for reformulation.  Some of the key therapeutic categories discussed in this report include cardiovascular disease, diabetes, epilepsy, pain management, and respiratory illnesses; all of which have a growing incidence among pediatric patients.  In addition, the report profiles specialty pharmaceutical companies focused on pediatrics, many of which have an interest in forming strategic partnerships for the co-development and/or marketing of new pediatric products.  Finally, pediatric pipeline products are identified as well as multiple pediatric-focused products which are available for partnering in one or more major markets. 

As drug delivery technologies play a very important role in pediatric medicine, this report provides detailed profiles of novel drug delivery technologies that can be used to formulate pediatric-friendly products.   More than 70 different delivery technologies are covered in this report and include orally disintegrating tablets and films, taste masked suspensions, soft chewable delivery systems, topical foam systems, and controlled release liquids.

This 250+ page report provides a comprehensive overview of the pediatric drug delivery market and includes relevant market data, key players, pharmaceutical product information, drug delivery technology profiles, and partnering opportunities.  

 Report Contents:

1.  Analysis of US Pediatric Market (2009)

  • Discussion of pediatric market size and needs
  • Rx Pediatric Market Size
  • Sales of 25 common drugs prescribed to pediatrics (2009 sales)
  • Sales of leading pediatric-focused products (2009 sales)
  • Sales of key products in therapeutic categories applicable to pediatrics (ADHD, Antibiotics, Allergies, etc.)

 2. Drug Delivery Systems for Pediatrics

 Marketed Products

  • DDS products approved for pediatric use
  • OTC DDS products approved for pediatrics

 Dosage Forms and Technologies

  • Taste masking, orally disintegrating dosage forms, soft chewable delivery systems, oral liquids, oral mucosal systems, transdermal and topical systems, nasal and pulmonary delivery, parenteral and device technologies
  • Pediatric pipeline products by formulation type

 3. Formulation Opportunities in the Pediatric Segment

  • Oral reformulation
  • Taste masking
  • Dosage form changes

 4. Profiles of Specialty Pharma Companies with Pediatric Focus

  • 25 company profiles including: Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Curemark, Madeira Therapeutics, FSC Laboratories, and Pediapharm Inc.

 5. Profiles of 70+ Drug Delivery Technologies Applicable to Pediatric Medicine

 6. Pediatric Product Licensing Opportunities

  • 35+ licensing opportunities including: Orally-disintegrating allergy products, novel head lice treatments, pediatric foam products, and cough/cold formulations

1. Executive Summary
Market Overview
Drug Delivery Systems for Pediatrics
Formulation Opportunities
Specialty Pediatric Companies
Product Licensing Opportunities

2. Pediatric Market Overview
Market Needs
Therapeutic Needs
Pain Management
Respiratory / Allergy
Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder
Market Size
Key Therapeutic Areas

3. Drug Delivery Systems for Pediatrics
Marketed Products
Dosage Forms
Taste Masking
Orally Disintegrating Dosage Forms
Soft Chewable Delivery Systems
Oral Liquid Delivery Systems
Oral Mucosal Delivery Systems
Transdermal Delivery Systems
Topical Delivery Systems
Nasal Drug Delivery
Pulmonary Delivery Systems
Parenteral and Device Technologies

4. Formulation Opportunities
Oral Reformulation
Taste Masking
MCD GROUP, LLC October 2010
Non-invasive Formulations

5. Companies with Pediatric Focus
Adamis Pharmaceuticals Corporation
Aires Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Arbor Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Asklepion Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Centrix Pharmaceutical, Inc
Cornerstone Therapeutics, Inc
Curemark, LLC
FSC Pediatrics, Inc
InfaCare Pharmaceutical Corporation
Lupin Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Madeira Therapeutics
McNeil Pediatrics
Meritage Pharma, Inc
Next Wave Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Pediapharm, Inc
Pernix Therapeutics Holdings, Inc
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceutical, Inc
Seaside Therapeutics, Inc
Shionogi Pharma, Inc
Teva Respiratory, LLC
Tiber Laboratories, LLC
Topaz Pharmaceuticals, Inc
TRx Pharma

6. Drug Delivery Technologies for Pediatric Drugs
Buccal Delivery Systems
APTYS Pharmaceuticals
Biodel, Inc
BioDelivery Sciences International
Corium International, Inc
Fertin Pharma
NovaDel Pharma
Orexo AB
Watson, Inc
Oral Delivery Systems
Acino Holding, Ltd
Akina, Inc
Alpex Pharma
Alte Biosciences, Inc
MCD GROUP, LLC October 2010
Aprecia Pharmaceuticals Company
Arx, LLC
Banner Pharmacaps
Capricorn Pharma, Inc
Catalent Pharma Solutions
CIMA Labs, Inc
Collegium Pharmaceutical, Inc
Dow Wolff Cellulosics
Egalet A/S
Eurand, Inc
Eurand, Inc
ForTe BV
Grunenthal GmbH
HealthSport, Inc
IntelGenx Corporation
KV Pharmaceutical Company
Labtec Pharma
Losan Pharma GmbH
LTS Lohmann
Meldex International, PLC
NAL Pharmaceuticals, Ltd
Pharmafilm S.r.l
Physica Pharma
SPI Pharma Inc
Tris Pharma
Xel Pharmaceuticals, Inc
Taste Masking Technologies
Balchem Corporation
Cambrex Corporation
Eurand, Inc
ForTe BV
Oralance Pharma
Nasal Technologies
Ikano Therapeutics, Inc
Dermal Delivery Technologies
Altea Therapeutics
Foamix, Ltd
ForTe BV
MCD GROUP, LLC October 2010
nanoBioSciences, LLC
Pantec Biosolutions
Quinnova Pharmaceuticals, Inc
TransPharma Medical
Zosano Pharma

7. Product Licensing Opportunities
Albuterol Dry Powder Inhaler
Allergy Chewing Gum
Atopic Dermatitis Treatment
AtopiclairTM Cream
CRO-PED for Pediatric Diarrhea
Children’s Dietary Supplement
Ciprofloxacin Otic Solution
Cough/Cold Pediatric Formulations
Decongestant Cream Stick
Decongestant Patch
Fever Cooling Patch
Foam-Based Dermatology Products
Foam-Based Products for Infants
GastroGard-R for Rotavirus
HedrinTM for the Treatment of Head Lice
Human Growth Hormone Nasal Spray
Insect Repellent Patch
Insecticide-Free Head Lice Treatment
Liposomal Amikacin Formulation
Long-acting Somatropin Injection
Moisturizing Cream for Dermatitis
Nasal Somatropin Formulation
NeoCeramTM Skin Barrier Emulsion
Novel Head Lice Formulation
Once-weekly Injectable Somatropin
Oral Film Formulation of Prednisolone
Oral Rotavirus Thin Film Product
Orally Disintegrating Acetaminophen Formulations
Orally Disintegrating Allergy Products
Pediatric Pain Formulations
Peptide for Chronic Middle Ear Infections
Sinlice, Pediculicide Treatment
Site-Specific Otitis Media Treatment
Sustained Release Somatropin Injection
Teething Gel for Babies
Zinc Oxide Spray

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