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Medical research
The influence that health campaigners exert upon medical research

  • Publication Date:April 2006
  • Publisher:PatientView
  • Product Type: Executive Brief
  • Pages:60
Medical research

Medical research The influence that health campaigners exert upon medical research

Almost every stage of medical research today is (at least in part) influenced by patients and the public - from the moment when scientists decide their research priorities, to the highlighting of patients' adverse reactions to medicines. This issue of HSCNews International gathers together some (but no means all potential) examples of how health campaigners and citizens are changing the face of medical research.

  • Health Campaigners And The Future Of Medical Research
  • Areas of medical research into which citizens and health campaigners input
    • Civic involvement
    • Public/patient consultation
    • Lobbying the European Community on FP7
    • Gaining potency by forming coalitions
    • Studies: medical treatments from patients' perspectives
    • Defining treatment uncertainties
    • Clinical trials
    • Monetary and other resources
    • Appropriate treatment
    • Reporting adverse drug effects
    • Three interviews
  • A Global Framework For Medical R&D?
    • Profound flaws in the state of medical research
    • The influence of industry
    • European and US policy
    • An American solution to inequitable R&D
    • Patents in poor countries
    • The way forward
    • Proposal by Kenya and Brazil
    • Useful tools to promote equitable R&D
  • Campaigning For Genetic Research
  • Campaigning For Ethical Animal Testing
  • Events Related To Medical Research
  • Publications On Medical Research
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