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Patient information
Health campaigners' latest views on publicly-available healthcare information

  • Publication Date:August 2006
  • Publisher:PatientView
  • Product Type: Executive Brief
  • Pages:60
Patient information

Patient information Health campaigners' latest views on publicly-available healthcare information

This issue of HSCNews is based on the results of an HSCNews survey of 192 patient advocacy groups worldwide, conducted during summer 2006. The survey attempted to discover which healthcare information health campaigners currently believe the public needs, how that information should best be delivered, what determines whether the public regards the information as trustworthy, and who should be providing the information. Also explored were campaigners' very latest feelings about a subject of continued contention--pharmaceutical companies supplying healthcare information to the public.

  • Information For Patients And The Public: A Global Survey Of Health Campaigners' Opinions On The Subject
    • Key findings
    • Summary of findings
    • Why do patients need better information?
    • How well does the healthcare information available in your country meet the needs of the people you represent?
    • What do you think should be the top three goals of any publicly-available healthcare information service in your country?
    • Can you suggest case studies from your country that fulfil any of the goals?
    • Valuable online sources of information cited by respondents
    • Do you believe that your country's patients/public require better publicly-available information on any of the topics listed below?
    • Do you believe that the current forms by which publicly-available information are transmitted can satisfy the needs of your country's patients and public?
    • Do you believe that your country's patients/the public are likely to get more or better information if any of the following relatively new delivery tools becomes widely used?
    • Do any of the following qualities help make your country's publicly-available information trustworthy?
    • When any of the following recommend a source of information, whose recommendation are your country's patients and the public most likely to trust?
    • Which sources of information do you believe could best fulfil the needs of your country's patients/the public outside the clinical setting?
    • Should pharma be able to supply prescription medicines information to your country's patients/public, if the information goes through any of the following as an accredited third-party?
    • Do any of the following circumstances offer a valid reason for pharma to supply information on prescription medicines to your country's patients/public?
    • The survey's questionnaire
    • Respondent groups that wish to be named
    • Profile nof respondents
  • Members' News About Health Information
    • A major resource to improve patient information [UK]
    • Satellife merges with another group [US]
  • Campaigns: A Push For Renewed Funding For An Adverse Events Line [Australia]
  • Research On Patient Information
    • "How Americans find and use cancer information" [US]
    • All quiet on the education front [UK]
  • Seven Websites Dedicated To The Provision Of Healthcare Information Or To Campaigning For Its Provision
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