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The Global BioGenerics Market in 2010
A Consensus Market Models report

  • Publication Date:November 2005
  • Publisher:URCH Publishing
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:50

The Global BioGenerics Market in 2010 A Consensus Market Models report

BioGenerics is an umbrella term used to define the market for bioequivalent products based on the same biological substance used in off-patent biologics. The BioGeneric market is set to develop slowly in the major pharmaceutical markets, as a result of regulatory hurdles and continued protectionism from patented biopharmaceutical marketers. Once the market does begin to evolve, the biogeneric companies entering the market early will derive significant value.

Using a proprietary methodology, this Consensus Market Model report analyses the potential market for BioGenerics products by the year 2010. The 50 page report will provide you with the necessary insight to make informed decisions about this extremely exciting market.

Key findings of this report

  • A Consensus Market Model forecast for the global BioGenerics market in 2010 of $2.3 billion
  • Current off-patent blockbusters including erythropoietin, represent an excellent opportunity
  • Significant obstacles associated with manufacturing and marketing BioGenerics has reduced the number of potential BioGenerics companies to less than ten
  • A key market event is the launch of Omnitrop in Australia in late 2005 or early 2006

Why read this report

  • Understand key market conditions that underpin the future of BioGeneric products
  • Assess the current market research and analysis from a broad range of sources
  • Learn how regulatory authorities are shaping the market
  • Gain insight into which companies are working in this area
  • Executive Summary
    • Market Analysis
    • Market Forecast
  • 1. Market Definitions & Scope
    • Market definitions
    • Market scope
    • Market evolution
  • 2. Market Sizing
    • Current market reach
    • Current market size
    • R&D activity
  • 3. Market Segmentation
    • Key geographies
    • Key market segments
    • Key companies
  • 4. Key Market Trends
    • Historical trends
    • Future trend projections
  • 5. Critical Market Events
    • First key event: Approval and launch of first biogeneric, Omnitrop(e)
    • Second key event: US clarification of biogenerics regulation
    • Third key event: Growing number of patent expiries
  • 6. Future Market Scenarios
    • Best case market scenario
    • Worst case market scenario
    • Most likely market scenario
  • 7. Future Market Forecasts
    • Forecasting methodology
    • Base case forecast
    • Best and worse case scenarios
    • Sources
    • Consensus Market Models provide future market forecasts across a range of different scenarios in order to support market analysis, opportunity evaluations and strategic planning
    • The proprietary Consensus Market Model approach presents comprehensive research findings in a transparent market forecast model, identifying and evaluating all relevant market trends and events
    • Comprehensive
    • No single source but a consensus of opinion...
    • Research is collected from a full range of sources including published market reports, investor and company reports, relevant journals, industry media and all related news commentary
    • Market forecasts are collated by experienced industry analysts and are extensively validated by a relevant panel of industry experts
    • Transparent
    • Not a 'black box' but a clearly documented forecasting methodology...
    • All research findings are clearly documented and fully sourced throughout the report
    • Market forecasts are derived using clearly stated data sources and well-supported market assumptions
    • Forward-looking
    • No market snapshots but a forecast of potential futures...
    • Market forecasts account for all key future market events and scenarios in order to provide an insight into future trends and opportunities
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