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Optimizing clinical trials through IT

  • Publication Date:May 2011
  • Publisher:Business Insights
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:82

Optimizing clinical trials through IT Healthcare


A wide variety of information technologies are now employed in support of clinical trials. Pharma companies are beginning to take a more holistic view and seek to integrate their management and oversight of the trial. This report examines how industry trends are shaping these technologies, and how they can be optimally applied to improve, quality, safety and efficiency in clinical trials.

Features and benefits

  • Examine the trends shaping clinical trials.
  • Learn how social media are being used in patient recruitment.
  • Analyse the potential of electronic health record data in clinical development.
  • Review the ways in which cloud computing is changing clinical trials.
  • Understand the future of information technology use in clinical trials.


  • The EDC market is forecast to grow at a CAGR of 13%, reaching $1.2bn in 2016. EDC will be employed in smaller studies as services become commoditized and set-up times and costs reduce. The key trend within EDC is the move towards an integrated eClinical approach in which data from multiple sources is integrated in a hub arrangement.
  • The majority of trial sites do not meet their enrolment targets. To address this, a variety of sources of data can be used to optimize patient recruitment through better protocol design, site selection and patient identification. Site performance data, electronic patient records, and health information networks are the key sources.
  • Cloud architecture will gain penetration, which will reduce the demand for internal IT resource. In parallel, patients, site staff and trial managers will access trial software using wide range of channels and devices. Pharma sponsors will take an increasingly holistic view, enmeshing their information strategies with wider organizational goals.

Your key questions answered

  • How can data integration be achieved, and what benefits does this offer?
  • In what ways are electronic health records being used to improve clinical trials?
  • How can technologies be optimally integrated in clinical trials?
  • How will the EDC market change to 2016?
  • How can social media be used to improve patient recruitment?
  • Executive Summary
    • Introduction
    • Patient recruitment
    • Data collection
    • The future of clinical trial technologies
  • About the author
    • Disclaimer
  • Introduction
    • Summary
    • Introduction
    • The changing face of R&D
      • Healthcare reform
      • Cost cutting
    • Trends in clinical trials
      • Increasing costs
      • Globalization
      • Outsourcing
      • Regulatory harmonization
      • The rise of electronic data capture (EDC)
      • Clinical trial transparency
      • Increasing patient-centricity
  • Patient recruitment
    • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Exploiting data in patient recruitment
      • Case study - Mediguard.org
    • Electronic health records (EHR)
      • Health information exchanges (HIEs)
      • Challenges to EHR use in patient recruitment
    • Web-based patient recruitment
      • Understanding and targeting online patients
      • Social media
    • Conclusion
  • Data collection
    • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Electronic data capture (EDC)
      • Introduction
      • Pros and cons of EDC
      • EDC market dynamics
      • Trends
    • Electronic health records (EHR)
      • Definition
      • Impact
      • Implementation
      • EHR use in clinical trial data collection
    • Interactive web and voice response systems (IWRS/IVRS)
      • Adaptive trials
      • Globalization of trials
    • Data collection from devices
      • Apps
      • Direct data capture from devices
    • Electronic patient recorded outcomes (ePRO)
      • Introduction
      • Pros and cons of ePRO
      • Cost considerations of ePRO
      • Outlook and opportunities in ePRO
  • The future of clinical trial technologies
    • Summary
    • Introduction
    • Efficient data integration is key
    • Specialized solutions will succeed over general ones
    • Cloud computing will dominate
    • Clinical trial technology application in emerging markets
    • Clinical trial data will increasingly be available in real time
    • Conclusion
  • Appendix
    • Scope
    • Methodology
      • Primary research
      • Secondary research
    • Glossary/abbreviations
    • Bibliography/References
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