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Western Europe Healthcare 2012 Top 10 Predictions

  • Publication Date:January 2012
  • Publisher:IDC
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:17

Western Europe Healthcare 2012 Top 10 Predictions

This IDC Health Insights report analyzes the market dynamics and trends affecting the acquisition, implementation, and use of technology by Western European healthcare organizations. As we enter 2012, providers are faced with a great deal of uncertainty that is expected to exacerbate the pressures created by healthcare structural problems, such as human resources/skills constraints and the changing demand for healthcare services driven by chronic patients' needs and the increasing expectation on quality.

"We have identified three themes that have guided us through this year's top 10 predictions," said Silvia Piai, EMEA research manager, IDC Health Insights. "Healthcare organizations will invest in smarter delivery models for their IT infrastructures, integrating technologies such as cloud and virtualization and revamping shared services business models. The data explosion phenomenon is hugely impacting healthcare, so healthcare organizations will need to look for smart information management systems integrating analytics and clinical intelligence capabilities; the new market environment will encourage healthcare executives to carefully analyze their procurement models, finding ways to rationalize and standardize their IT assets. As Europe moves toward a more services-based healthcare industry, smart procurement and contracting will be the key to success for new implementations."

  • Predictions
    • In this Study
    • Situation Overview
    • Diverse and Common Needs in the Western European Healthcare System
    • Future Outlook
    • Three Themes for Smarter Health IT
    • Theme #1: Smart Delivery Models
    • Prediction #1: Cloud, Virtualization, Streamlined Infrastructures Will See Solid Uptake
    • Prediction #2: Shared Services Model is Again the "New Black," but Rightsizing Will Make the Difference
    • Prediction #3: Integrated Personal Health Systems Will Blur the Lines of Social Care and Healthcare Information Systems
    • Prediction #4: Mobility Will Be a Key Driver for a Wider Focus on Interoperability
    • Theme #2: Smart Information Management
    • Prediction #5: Document and Content Management Systems Adoption Will Drive Further Security Investments
    • Prediction #6: Storage Growth and PACS Replacements Drive Investment in VNA
    • Prediction #7: Investment in Analytics Continues to Surge
    • Prediction #8: EHR/EMR Data Secondary Use Will Start Having Real-World Experience
    • Theme #3: Smart Procurement and Contracting
    • Prediction #9 Rationalization of Health IT Assets Will Drive Standardization
    • Prediction #10 Fine-Tuning SLAs Will Be the Success Factor for New IT Delivery Models
    • Essential Guidance
    • Actions to Consider
    • Actions to Consider for Healthcare and Horizontal IT Vendors
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  • Synopsis
    • Figure: Healthcare Providers' IT Spending, 2012
    • Figure: IT Spending Forecast by Region, 2011-2015
    • Figure: Vertical Technologies: Percentage of Respondents Planning to Invest in at Least One Solution Delivered as a Service
    • Figure: Horizontal Technologies: Percentage of Respondents Planning to Invest in at Least One Solution Delivered as a Service
    • Figure: EMR: Percentage of Respondents Planning to Invest in EMR Delivered as a Service
    • Figure: Server and Desktop Virtualization Adoption and Investment Plans
    • Figure: Does Your Organization Access or Plan to Access EMR via Handheld Devices in Your Organization?
    • Figure: Are You Planning to Invest in the following Security Solutions in the next 12 Months?
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