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Hospital Imaging Census Italy

Hospital Imaging Census Italy

This is the most comprehensive European market report on the installed base of radiology modality types (General Radiology, Mammography, R&F, Angiography, CT, MRI,) and radiology IT systems (PACS, Teleradiology, Advanced Visualisation, Imaging Data Center, Computer Aided Detection) in European hospitals. Hospitals are periodically surveyed to collect information on installed systems, room configuration, manufacturer of the system, year of installation, lifespan, investment plans, number of examinations and budgets.

  • Country Covered
    • Italy
  • Companies Mentioned
    • Fuji,
    • Agfa,
    • Carestream / Kodak,
    • Philips Medical,
    • GE Healthcare,
    • Siemens Medical,
    • Stephanix,
    • Konica Minolta,
    • PrimaX,
    • Sedecal,
    • Toshiba Medical,
    • Hitachi,
    • Vepro,
    • EDL,
    • Hologic,
    • IMS,
    • Giotto,
    • Sectra
  • Demographics
    • Hospital demography & radiology infrastructure per segment
    • Plans and trends to privatization / outsourcing radiology activities
  • Imaging modalities and associated products
    • Installed base, age profile, life span, market shares for 6 modality types
    • Room configuration by level of digitalization; detail on CR equipment
    • Investment plans including upgrade potential to digital solutions
    • Market development forecast
    • Equipment utilization & contrast media consumption including trends
    • Available budget per annum for digitalization
  • Information Technology (IT) Systems in radiology departments
    • Installed base, age profile, life span, market shares - for 5 IT systems
    • Investment plans including upgrade potential
    • Market development forecast
    • Image archiving solutions
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