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Thailand Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

  • Publication Date:September 2012
  • Publisher:Business Monitor
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:96
  • ISBN:151293

Thailand Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012

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BMI View: Over the medium to long term, Thailand will be facing intensive competition from
neighbouring countries such as Malaysia, Indonesia and Philippines as they roll out plans to improve
healthcare coverage and boost growth in the pharmaceutical industry. The intense competition coupled
with the usage of compulsory licenses, regulatory lapses and widespread corruption will deter foreign
investments into the sector. Despite this we highlight that the country's strong medical tourism sector and
the impending implementation of the ASEAN Economic Committee will continue to attract private
healthcare providers (and the related sub-sectors) into the country.

Headline Expenditure Projections
- Pharmaceuticals: THB130.95bn (US$4.41bn) in 2011 to THB136.16bn (US$4.18bn) in 2012;
+3.98% in local currency terms and -5.2% in US dollar terms. Forecast unchanged from Q312.
- Healthcare: THB410.20bn (US$13.46bn) in 2011 to THB425.32bn (US$13.05bn) in 2012;
+4.9% in local currency terms and -1.9% in US dollar terms. Forecast broadly unchanged
from Q312.
- Medical devices: THB33.88bn (US$1.11bn) in 2011 to THB38.95bn (US$1.20bn) in 2012;
+15% in local currency terms and 7.5% in US dollar terms. Forecast upgraded due to receipt
of new historic data.
Business Environment Rating: Thailand's Pharmaceuticals

Risk/Reward Ratings (RRRs) is maintained
at 46.1 from Q312. Despite the unchanged scores it was ranked 13th instead of 12th (as in the previous
quarter) due to the increased attractiveness of the Vietnamese market. It has a fairly balance risk/reward
profile which is below the regional average. The attractiveness of Thailand's pharmaceutical sector will
continued to be hampered by widespread corruption, poor intellectual property protection and low percapita
expenditure on healthcare.

Key Trends And Developments
- In June 2012, US-based BHR Pharma expanded its SyNAPSe clinical trial at 14 sites in
Thailand, China and Russia. The trial has 153 participating sites worldwide. The 500th of 1,180
patients is required to conclude the global phase III, multi-centre trial, which was registered in
the US at the end of May 2012. SyNAPSe is assessing the effectiveness of BHR-100, a
proprietary intravenous progesterone infusion formulation, as a neuroprotective agent to treat
traumatic brain injury (TBI) patients.
Thailand Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012
- In May 2012, GlaxoSmithKline (GSK)'s country office in Thailand has developed the Medicine
Bank initiative to increase access to drugs in the country. The company is working with the Thai
Red Cross and the Royal Thai Army to provide and supply medicine and sanitary supplies. The
company and the Thai Red Cross offer health education and vaccines to disadvantaged people
for diseases, including infant diarrhoea, influenza and pneumonia. These diseases are the main
causes of death among young children in the country. GSK also offers medical and sanitary
supplies to the Royal Thai Army, which helps people in distressed areas across the country.
BMI Economic View: Recent trade data reaffirms our view of a subdued economic recovery in Thailand.
We believe the present recovery could begin to stagnate over the coming months, especially given the
backdrop of cooling global demand. Although we are seeing a strong pickup in automobile exports, the
relatively small size of the sector means that robust double-digit growth for automobile exports alone is
unlikely to materially affect our subdued outlook for real GDP growth, which we expect to come in at just
4.0% this year.
BMI Political View: Having received a green light from the Constitutional Court, we expect the PTP to
push ahead with its plans to amend the constitution. The decision has reduced the risks of renewed Red
Shirt protests in the short term. However, the political outlook for Thailand remains largely unchanged
and we expect the country to remain at risk of falling back into another period of political turmoil.
Executive Summary . 4
SWOT Analysis 6
Thailand Pharmaceutical And Healthcare Industry SWOT . 6
Thailand Political SWOT .. 7
Thailand Economic SWOT 8
Thailand Business Environment SWOT . 9

Risk/Reward Ratings . 10
Table: Asia Pacific Pharmaceutical & Healthcare

Risk/Reward Ratings, Q412 . 10
Rewards .. 11
Thailand - Market Summary . 14
Regulatory Regime . 16
Intellectual Property Regime 17
IP Shortcomings.. 18
Counterfeit Drugs .. 19
Compulsory Licensing Regulatory Developments .. 20
IP Developments . 21
Pricing And Reimbursement . 22
Table: Price Build-Up of Medicines in Thailand 23
Industry Trends And Developments 24
Epidemiology 24
Healthcare System . 25
Healthcare Insurance .. 26
Table: Various Healthcare Scheme in Thailand . 27
Medical Tourism . 27
Research And Development .. 28
Biosimilars . 30
Clinical Trials .. 31
Medical Devices.. 32
Developments In The Medical Devices Sector . 33
Industry Forecast Scenario 35
Overall Market Forecast. 35
Table: Pharmaceutical Sales Indicators 2008-2016 . 36
Healthcare Market Forecast . 37
Table: Healthcare Expenditure Indicators 2008-2016 38
Table: Healthcare Governmental Indicators 2008-2016 .. 39
Table: Healthcare Private Indicators 2008-2016 .. 39
Key Growth Factors - Macroeconomic .. 40
Prescription Drug Market Forecast .. 43
Table: Prescription Drug Sales Indicators 2008-2016 44
Patented Drug Market Forecast . 45
Table: Patented Drug Market Indicators 2008-2016 46
Thailand Pharmaceuticals and Healthcare Report Q4 2012
Generic Drug Market Forecast 47
Table: Generic Drug Sales Indicators 2008-2016 . 48
OTC Medicine Market Forecast . 49
Table: OTC Medicine Sales Indicators 2008-2016 50
Pharmaceutical Trade Forecast . 51
Table: Exports and Imports Indicators 2008-2016 52
Medical Device Market Forecast .. 53
Table: Medical Devices Sales Indicators 2008-2016 54
Other Healthcare Data 55
Key Risks To BMI's Forecasts . 56
Competitive Landscape .. 57
Pharmaceutical Industry Developments . 59
Pharmaceutical Distribution and Retail . 60
Company Profiles 62
Domestic Companies .. 62
Siam Pharmaceutical 62
Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) 64
Government Pharmaceutical Organisation (GPO) 67
Biolab .. 70
Thai Meiji Pharmaceutical Company .. 72
Berlin Pharmaceutical Industry .. 74
Multinational Companies .. 76
Pfizer 76
Sanofi 78
GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) .. 80
Merck & Co .. 82
Novartis .. 84
Demographic Data .. 86
THAILAND - Population By Age Group . 87
THAILAND - Population By Age Group . 88
THAILAND - Key Population Ratios 89
THAILAND - Rural and Urban Population .. 89
Glossary 90
BMI Methodology 92
How We Generate Our Pharmaceutical Industry Forecasts . 92
Pharmaceuticals Business Environment Ratings .. 93

Risk/Reward Ratings Methodology 93
Ratings Overview 93
Table: Pharmaceutical Business Environment Indicators . 94
Weighting 95
Table: Weighting Of Components .. 95
Sources 95
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