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Thorogood is a leading independent publisher of books and special briefings for business and the professions, focusing on expert and practical advice. Thorogood's authors are all highly experienced business leaders and consultants or professional advisers.They cover all areas of business, including Commercial and Employment Law, HR, Tax and Finance, Marketing and Personal Development.

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Public Affairs Techniques for Business (TGD00074)
An expert guide to effective public affairs in a fast-changing business environment. Public affairs techniques enable businesses to steer a way around an imminent disaster or alert policy-makers that something must...
Oct 2011£145€172$234
Websites and the Law (TGD00008)
This Report aims to provide the reader with a full description of the areas of law which apply to websites. It summarises the main legislation and provides practical guidance on...
Sep 2011£145€172$234
AZ Employment Practice (TGD00073)
The law has changed significantly since the last edition of this title, especially in the law surrounding the right to retire. Are you aware of how these changes affect you and...
Sep 2011£95€113$153
The Shorter MBA (TGD00072)
A practical approach to the key business skills A unique distillation of the skills that people need to develop to be successful in business. Most people cannot give up two years...
Jun 2011£65€77$105
Commercial Litigation (TGD00071)
The consequences of breach of contractThe law on remedies for breach of contract is technical and complex, built mainly from legal precedent. This Report aims to provide advice, guidance and remedies for those who deal...
May 2011£145€172$234
Company Articles and Company Constitution (TGD00068)
All companies have articles and all companies have a constitution. It's crucial that both elements are understood by directors, company secretaries, shareholders, legal staff and others. An investor looking to sell...
Mar 2011£145€172$234
IT Governance (TGD00013)
Managing Information Technology for BusinessCorporate fraud, the illegal use of resources, and sexual and racial harassment all have a growing presence in the digital domain. Directors can't simply afford to turn a blind eye...
Mar 2011£145€172$234
The Thorogood Guide to Everything you Need for an NVQ in Management (TGD00069)
All the relevant management techniques and principles are explained in a clear, practical style, structured around the recently revised National Occupational Standards for Management and Leadership, and conforming to the...
Jan 2011£65€77$105
VAT Liability and the Implications of Commercial Property Transactions (TGD00070)
Plan for maximum advantage and avoid costly mistakes Commercial property purchases have been subject to tax since 1989. This Report guides you through the attendant UK and EU legislation to provide...
Jan 2011£145€172$234
European Employment Law (TGD00065)
A Practical Guide : Edition 1This Briefing effectively explains the practical impact of law, especially case law, from the European Court of Justice and distinguishes how this law works compared with the common law and...
Jul 2010£145€172$234
Software Contract Agreements (TGD00002)
Edition 2A thorough explanation of the law combined with expert guidance on negotiating and drafting the best contract for your client. A clear explanation of the law relating to computer contracts...
Jun 2010£145€172$234
The World's Business Cultures (TGD00066)
Edition 2With the aid of a specially developed model - The 5 C's Model - expert authors demonstrate how to get your communications right internationally and ensure that meetings, both face-to-face...
Jun 2010 £20
Employment Law Aspects of Mergers and Acquisitions : A Practical Guide (TGD00026)
Edition 3The employment law and personnel management issues that arise when businesses are bought and sold are of great concern not only to the employees but also to the management of...
May 2010£145€172$234
Business and Contract Law (TGD00058)
The law and regulations governing business and contract law are increasingly complex and now affect all industries and every type of commercial agreement; from entering into a contract, to validity...
Apr 2010£145€172$234
Mergers and Acquisitions (TGD00063)
Confronting the Organisation and People IssuesThe employment law and personnel management issues that arise when businesses are bought and sold are of great concern not only to the employees but also to the management of...
Nov 2009 £145
Effective Recruitment (TGD00064)
A Practical Guide to Staying Within the LawThe law is changing fast as pitfalls and penalties await the unprepared. The legal rules that apply to recruitment are drawn from virtually all areas of employment law. Sourcing the...
Nov 2009 £145
The A-Z of Employment Practice (TGD00047)
This book comes at a time when managers are faced with still more new legislation, obligations and potential penalties. This is an essentially practical book: in a straightforward, no-jargon manner it explains what...
Nov 2009 £65
Buying Professional Services (TGD00053)
Professional examinations were, for many professionals, undertaken a significant number of years ago. Have they kept up to date with changes in their particular field? The aim of this report is to...
Oct 2009£99€117$159
501 Questions and Answers for Company Directors and Company Secretaries (TGD00055)
Ed 2“Everything the Company Director or Company Secretary needs to know.” This extensive new reference work covers every topic of relevance for the Company Secretary and Company Director. It provides structured answers and expert guidance...
Oct 2009 £65
The Company Director's Desktop Guide (TGD00056)
Ed 8Stay on top of your obligations and save time, trouble and costs The Company Director€s Desktop Guide has been providing accessible, expert guidance and assurance to company directors for many years. With...
Oct 2009 £65
IT Contracts (TGD00057)
This report provides useful insight into IT contracts, principally in respect of business-to-business transactions. Its provides advice and guidance in explaining and understanding the structure and content of different kinds...
Jul 2009£99€117$159
Tax Planning for Businesses and their Owners (TGD00052)
2006/07 has been a significant year for tax legislation, seeing in the introduction of a new personal pensions regime, the abolition of the nil starting rate for Corporation Tax, and...
Jul 2009£99€117$159
Discrimination Law and Employment Issues (TGD00059)
Ed 2Avoid the pitfalls in Age, disability, gender, race, religion, sex and sexual orientation discrimination. This practical briefing for employers and their advisers will ensure that you do not fall foul of the...
Jul 2009£99€117$159
The PR Practitioner's Desktop Guide (TGD00051)
The PR Practitioner's Desktop Guide' is a practical source of reference on every aspect of the PR business written by a successful PR professional. Whatever sector you are involved in...
Jun 2009 £65
The Thorogood Business Book Library (TGD00060)
The Thorogood Business Book Library is a collection of specially selected business publications, which can start or enhance a businesses own library or supply whole teams with expert reading on...
Mar 2005 £176