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Netscribes (India)

Netscribes is a knowledge-consulting firm with clientele across the globe. They focus on Indian industries that offer opportunities for investment,market entry or have undergone major developments.Their reports offer quick insights in a concise and easy to read format that gives an overview of the industry. An excellent starting point, they enable decision makers to further explore or commission research into a market of interest.

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Mobile Internet Market in India 2014 (NSB00445)
Netscribes' latest market research report titled Mobile Internet Market in India 2014 highlights the dynamics of the domestic mobile Internet market. Mobile Internet services provide access to an abundance of...
Feb 2014£590€700$950
Mobile Accessories Market in India (NSB02079)
2013The new report, 'Mobile Accessories Market in India', states that India holds immense opportunities for mobile accessory products due to enormous number of mobile device users and rapid growth in...
May 2013£530€629$850
Mobile Advertising Market in India (NSB00313)
2013Mobile devices such as Smartphones and Tablets are seeing rapid adoption rate not only globally but also in India. With consumers carrying mobile devices along for the majority of the...
Mar 2013£530€629$850
Mobile Engagement and Promotional Services Market in India (NSB02067)
2013The report begins with 'Introduction' section covering overview of Mobile engagement (m-Engagement) and mobile marketing activities which provides basic idea of the technology, its progression over years, and elements of...
Feb 2013£995€1,181$1,600
Set-Top Box Market in India (NSB00437)
2012A Set-Top Box (STB) is an electronic device that is used to decode digital signals received from satellite to TV sets. It basically is a compact computer system including a...
Oct 2012£495€587$795
Enterprise Mobility Market in India (NSB00253)
2012Major industry verticals including Retail, Banking, Financial Services and Insurance followed by Pharmaceuticals, Transportation and Logistics happen to be the foremost adopters of enterprise mobility in India. Growth in nation's...
Sep 2012£495€587$795
GPS Tracking and Navigation Market in India (NSB00080)
2012The general notion of tracking subjects has resulted in the advent of Global Positioning System (GPS) as a major breakthrough that the world had witnessed. Though the technology has been...
Aug 2012£495€587$795
Location Based Services in India (NSB00424)
2012Location based services or LBS is an information service that uses the ability of the global positioning capability using IP addresses of mobile devices and computers to deliver area specific...
Aug 2012£495€587$795
Smartphone Market in India (NSB00177)
2012A Smartphone is a cellular phone with better, faster and enhanced operating abilities and performance which was earlier restricted to Personal Digital Assistant (PDA) and portable computers. Smartphones are rapidly...
Jul 2012£495€587$795
Mobile Marketing in India (NSB00415)
2012India houses 811.6 mn mobile subscribers. This huge subscriber base is split in 66:34 between rural and urban users respectively. With growing adoption of mobile devices across the varied levels...
Jun 2012£495€587$795
Internet of Things Market in China (NSB00406)
2012The Internet of Things Market in China is part of Netscribes' Information Technology Industry Series reports. The market will be boosted by the huge industry applications coupled with widespread adoption...
Apr 2012£495€587$795
Digital Broadcasting Market in India (NSB00407)
2012As India looks towards incorporating digitization framework in the broadcasting sector, conversion of analogue to digital spells evolution of a new trend in the Indian market. Though there has been...
Apr 2012£495€587$795
Telecom Towers in India (NSB00023)
2012Indian telecom sector is the third largest sector in the world and second largest among the Asian emerging economies. Amongst the 811.6 bn wireless subscribers in India, 66% reside in...
Mar 2012£495€587$795
Mobile Value Added Services in India (NSB00020)
2012India houses 811.6 bn cellular subscribers. This huge subscriber base is split in 66:34 between rural and urban users respectively. With falling prices of mobile voice calls and text messages,...
Mar 2012£495€587$795
Mobile Commerce Market in India (NSB00396)
2012Mobile Commerce is the activity of commencing commercial transactions between both B2C and B2B entities via mobile devices. Indian retail market has experienced high growth over the last decade with...
Mar 2012£495€587$795
Unified Communications Market in India (NSB00380)
2012Unified Communications market in India is currently undergoing through a phase wherein the market can be characterized with steady growth and a cut-throat competition amongst players operating in the market...
Mar 2012£495€587$795
Direct to Home (DTH) Market in India (NSB00057)
2012DTH market in India is one of the fastest growing segments of the Segmented Pay TV industry and is witnessing significant growth on account of rising per capita income and...
Feb 2012£495€587$795
VoIP Market in India (NSB00341)
2012Voice over Internet Protocol or VoIP is economically viable alternative to traditional telephony. It enables calls enhanced with various features which make it attractive at affordable cost. Enterprises and small...
Feb 2012£495€587$795
Broadband Internet Adoption in India (NSB00327)
2012India houses a huge population using internet for entertainment and productivity. With growing heavy and feature rich web activities, dial-up and equivalent internet services have become obsolete and the need...
Jan 2012£495€587$795
Mobile Application Market in India (NSB00332)
2012Mobile applications are rapidly gaining popularity due to huge number of mobile devise and newer device adoption such as Tablet PC. Mobile apps are mostly light-weight and economically viable solution...
Jan 2012£495€587$795
Satellite Navigation Market in China (NSB00293)
2011The increase in demand for navigation services from a wide spectrum of consumer segments such as automobile and telecom industry is expected to drive the satellite navigation market. The report begins...
Oct 2011£495€587$795
3G Market in India (NSB00263)
2011Third generation network technology or 3G adoption in India is rapidly growing with the rising demand for content rich applications & cellular services amongst the country's enormous wireless subscriber base....
Sep 2011£495€587$795
Smartphone Market in China (NSB00256)
2011The Smartphones Market in China is part of Netscribes Telecommunications Industry Series. The market will be boosted by the increase in the usage of mobile internet along with the availability...
Sep 2011£495€587$795
Telecom Market in China (NSB00190)
2011Telecom market in China is expected to see huge growth in the future. Rising demand for communication service supported by economic development along with major development in technology (such as...
May 2011£495€587$795
Mobile Value Added Services - China (NSB00067)
The mobile value added services (MVAS) market in China is valued at 18.2 bn in 2008 it is expected to reach INR 34.5 bn in 2011. Netscribes' report begins with a...
Jan 2010£250€297$400