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Custom Research and Consultancy Services from Report Buyer

Sometimes an off-the-shelf report is not enough for your business needs. In these cases a custom research or consultancy project may be suitable.

Finding an able, affordable and trustworthy consultant can be a difficult and time consuming task.

Report Buyer can help by finding and managing the right consultant for your project.

Report Buyer currently has over 300 partners worldwide covering most industries and market sectors. Our global reach helps clients meet their business expansion plans.

The types of research services offered include:

  • In-depth Company Profiles (including SWOT)
  • Industry and Market Segmentation with Opportunity Analysis
  • Competitive Benchmarking and Analysis
  • Technology Assessment and Commercialisation Studies

All partners are totally independent of Report Buyer, which means we can make unbiased recommendations.

There is no typical price for a custom project as it depends on the client specification and market in question.

Reasons to work with Report Buyer

  1. Save valuable time searching for experienced consultants
  2. Free assessment of, and, advice on, type of consultant, deliverable and budget size
  3. No-obligation, free quotation from up to 3 independent consultancies / research firms
  4. Dedicated account handler to ensure that your project is run on time and on budget
  5. History of successful projects delivered to clients’ satisfaction

“Again many thanks for the work your company has delivered in the frame of the project. I am impressed about the organisation of the whole project, the time your people spent on it, the quality of the results and the professionalism of the team.”

Recent comment from satisfied client

Examples of Recent Projects

Example 1: Assessment of Government and Regulatory Situation in Medical Diagnostics
Client Pharmaceuticals company, Switzerland
Job The objective of the project was to assess the government and regulatory situation in the field of medical diagnostics.
Work Conduct of research to determine the approval process for medical devices in selected European countries. Identification of the regulatory and government agencies involved along with their roles and authority in the area of medical diagnostics regulation.
Example 2: Two-Wheeler Vehicle Tyre Markets
Client Global Manufacturer of Rubber Tyres
Job Study into the East European market for bicycle and motorcycle tyres
Work Primary and Secondary research into the number and type of vehicle registrations, major tyre dealers, market sector growth and PARC figures. Deliverable: a written report.
Example 3: Security Consultancy Markets in Europe
Client ClientUK Property Development Company
Job Define how the security consultancy market in numerous geographic areas with a view to develop a high level security consultancy service.
Work Research and delivery of a report covering 14 separate market sectors with insight into drivers, vulnerabilities, growth markets and forecasts.

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