Why Report Buyer?

Behind a good business decision lies good research.

Report Buyer has relationships with leading publishers of business, management and market research directories, reports and books. This means you can search just one website to find the product you need in your work.

Reasons to use Report Buyer.

Huge Selection
Report Buyer has one of the largest databases of syndicated business research reports. Use this to quickly find resources for your business.

Continuously updated
The site is continuously updated with new content so that you will can be a step ahead of your competitors by identifying important new industry research.

Great Search Engine
We are passionate search and believe our proprietary search technology with its unique relevancy ranking system helps customers find the product most appropriate to their needs.

Corporate Account
If you invest in many reports a year we can help. There are a range of benefits for companies setting up an account.

Multi-Language Customer Service
Report Buyer may be an internet site but it is staffed by humans ready to answer the phone or reply to emails. Our multi-lingual customer service staff provide unbiased advice and help.

Immediate access
Many publications are available for immediate download (usually in PDF format) upon purchase and full payment.

We take security seriously at Report Buyer and protect the private information you give us using the Internet's standard Secure Socket Layer (SSL) technology, which is displayed as a padlock in your browser window when active.

Avoid information overload by receiving alerts every two weeks about newly published research in the sectors you are interested in. You can also save your searches and create a "Wish List" list for future reference.

Don't pay more.
We guarantee that the prices of products are the same as the publisher's recommended sale price. We also have ongoing promotions.

Remember, ReportBuyer's mission is to:

"to provide customers with an easy way of purchasing information products they need in their business by offering an unsurpassed product range and excellent service to customers."