Beyond 3G Mobile
HSDPA or WiMAX for the Telecom Industry?

  • Publication Date:January 2007
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Beyond 3G Mobile

Beyond 3G Mobile HSDPA or WiMAX for the Telecom Industry?

The voice communications (telecom) industry has witnessed many changes, from fixed line communications to wireless, through to mobile technology with the cellular industry. A technology analysis is necessary to understand the existing technologies:

  • what lies ahead?
  • why is UMTS almost over?
  • what is HSDPA?
  • what is WiMAX?

Particular emphasis will be given to HSDPA and WiMAX, the two main technologies of the future. Some obvious questions beg for answers:

  • are these technologies competing with each other?
  • will they intersect as HSDPA gets faster and WiMAX's mobility improves?
  • or are they going to complement each other?

The keywords of these upcoming technologies seem to be 'data throughput improvement', so an explanation will be given as to why data transmission is becoming a significant portion of that communication.

Laws and regulations have to have the same objectives. New technologies lead to economic growth, gross investments, but also to fraudulent activities and potential customer abuses. A study of the actual government regulations used to achieve market and social goals will be included.

With regards to operators and vendors of mobile telephony and WiMAX seemingly locked in an intense competition to attract customers, we propose the following points for consideration.

1. Will constructors be able to combine all technologies into a single device, now that 'cellular' stands for a mobile broadband carrying voice and data?
  • Will operators be able to converge offers? What markets are they targeting?
  • Will it be possible for customers to move between networks in a transparent manner, using all-access radio technology, which is dependent on the region and availability of whichever network (WiMAX access, Wi-Fi spot, 3G network)?
2. As these two separate technologies are set to battle for the same pool of users, what will be the customers' point of view?
  • Will they use the 13 Mbps of HSDPA?
  • Have they had any benefit from what has already been developed and launched? (i.e. the 40 Kbps GPRS rate, the 130Kbps of EDGE, the 384 Kbps of UMTS)
  • Finally, will they play the game to get the most out of the mobile data access technology?
  • Overview
  • 1. Executive Summary
  • 2. Technological Overview
    • UMTS: a short-lived technology
    • HSDPA: a first mover advantage
    • WiMAX: bringing fast internet access to mobiles
    • Pacific co-existence or competition
  • 3. Laws and Regulations
    • Feasibility studies on guide investment
    • Why and how will governments regulate frequency allocation?
    • Operator and customer rights protection
  • 4. Future Plans of the Telecom Industry
    • Operators
    • Constructors
  • 5. Assessing Potential Customer Interest
    • A look at new mobile functionalities
    • How to price new technologies?
  • 6. Conclusion
    • References and Reading List
    • Abbreviations
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