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BuddeComm Broadband Series

  • Publication Date:December 2006
  • Publisher:BuddeComm
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:1174
BuddeComm Broadband Series

BuddeComm Broadband Series

Since its introduction, broadband has been growing at an astounding rate. The early high growth in a small number of countries has now spread globally, and the early developers are starting to show signs of saturation. Although cable still predominates in North America, DSL is much stronger in the rest of the world and is catching up against cable in the USA. Other technologies such as wireless and satellite are so far minor players. DSL is the most effective and economical route to global broadband deployment. The emphasis of the next phase of broadband is on increasing speeds; which via ADSL2+ and VDSL eventually will lead to FttH.

With competition in the telecommunications market also opening up because of a regulatory emphasis on deregulation and competition, the broadband market is a key area of interest for both investors and operators. With the difficulty and expense of deploying new fixed networks being realised, opportunities to enter the market through a wireless solution are emerging. The initial potential of wireless broadband has been witnessed with WiFi spreading like wildfire throughout the world. It is predicted that there will be over 300,000 hotspots worldwide by the end of 2009. Its key feature is that it provides portable broadband access, and WiFi is now widely available in laptops and other hand-held devices.

Given that the Internet is the key driver behind the deployment of broadband due to the increasing need for high-speed access we have included a technical introduction to the foundation technologies of all Internet communication and the current and emerging technologies of the World Wide Web.

Internet communications are very significant for hundreds of millions of users worldwide, for social, political and business reasons and the Internet economy is poised for growth. As Internet companies also increasingly rely on Internet infrastructure for their success, new opportunities to provide support functions will emerge for ISPs and Broadband Service Providers (BSPs).

The enormous increase in video based applications from 2008 onwards will see a rapid demise of the old telecoms infrastructure. The national backbones will need to be dramatically upgraded to cope with the increased traffic. If unchecked; incumbents may use this situation to try and limit video-based access to the Internet media companies, and tax them for their use. This will test the neutrality of the Internet and create some serious regulatory battles.

The BuddeComm Broadband Series explains the global broadband technology and market in detail including:-

  • Historical background
  • Principles of operation
  • Technical standards
  • Critical analysis of strengths and weaknesses
  • Competition with other technologies
  • Opportunities for new services
  • Combining technologies
  • Links to industry consortia, standards bodies, regulators and key vendors
  • Broadband deployments worldwide and detailed regional information
  • Industry statistics and forecasts

Key technical principles behind the major broadband technologies are also explained in this series including: Fibre to the Premises or the Home (FttP/FttH), VDSL (Very High Rate Digital Subscriber Line, also known as Fibre to the Node or Curb - FttN/FttC), ADSL (Asymmetrical DSL), Hybrid Fibre Coax (HFC) Cable, Broadband over Powerlines (BPL, also known as Powerline Communications), WiFi, WiMAX and HSDPA.

We believe that the BuddeComm Broadband Series is a unique publication which provides critical insights, explanations on technical applications and market analyses on industry developments and competing technologies. Corporate managers, financial and investment consultants, IT consultants and Government and education bodies will find this series particularly useful.

The BuddeComm Broadband Series is intended to give non-specialists a comprehensive technical introduction to the foundation technologies, the current and emerging technologies and key market developments. The series is intended to enable readers to understand current usage and foresee likely market developments relevant to areas such as telecommunications regulation, investment and the development of reliable, usable applications.

The BuddeComm Broadband Series is a compilation of the following publications -

  • Global FttH - How long can Telco's hold off?
  • Global Broadband - Broadband is Essential Infrastructure
  • Global Wireless Broadband - Moving into New Business Models
  • Global Broadband Powerlines - Smart Grids and Broadband
  • Broadband Technology report
  • Wireless Broadband Technology report
  • Internet Technology report - Volume 1 - Infrastructure
  • Technology - Internet - Volume 2 - Web Development & Audio-Visual Coding
  • Technology - Internet - Volume 3 - Internet Protocol
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