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Telecom Industry Health Check (3Q10): Vendor Financial Results

  • Publication Date:December 2010
  • Publisher:Ovum
  • Product Type: Brief
  • Pages:54

Telecom Industry Health Check (3Q10): Vendor Financial Results


This report analyzes vendors' 3Q10 financial results with the following goals in mind: to understand which vendors are strong, which weak, and how sustainable the current structure is; capex implications of vendors' financial situation; what opportunities and threats exist due to financial position of vendors; and how SPs' spending on wireline, mobile, and services is changing over time.

Features and benefits

  • Find out what the latest vendor earnings say about the outlook for telecom's recovery from the downturn.
  • Identify which vendors are financially strong and coping well with the recent market turmoil and which ones are not.
  • Track the presumed "shortage" in components, and what this means to system vendors' balance of power and earnings at the component and chip level.
  • Discover which regional and product areas are especially promising, or not, and how that is impacting different vendors


For the annualized 3Q10 period, the biggest telecom network infrastructure vendors were: Ericsson, Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Huawei, and NSN (all with over 10% share); all others had under 5% share.Rolling 12-month capex peaked in 3Q08 at $300.7bn but hit $262.6bn in 3Q10, down 0.7% from 2Q.Vendors' NI revenues fell 0.1% YoY in 3Q10. Mobile infra fell 1% YoY for the second straight quarter, even as the devices market grew 30% YoY due to higher-performance networks, smartphones, and innovative devices like the iPad. Ovum's wireline segments - optical, switching & routing, and broadband - grew by 16% YoY in 3Q10.

Your key questions answered

  • Did telecom vendor revenues grow in 3Q10? What segments, regions, and specific vendors are performing best?
  • Which vendors are the most financially "strong" as of 3Q10?
  • What is the outlook for carrier capex? Outsourcing/professional services? On net, what is the impact on vendors' near-term revenue outlook?
  • Overview
    • Introduction
    • Research and analysis highlights
    • Key reasons to read this report
  • Appendix
    • Further reading
    • Author
    • Ovum Consulting
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