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India Mobile Gaming Analysis

  • Publication Date:December 2010
  • Publisher:RNCOS
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:45

India Mobile Gaming Analysis

India, with around 584 Million mobile subscribers (FY 2010) represents one of the world's largest, fastest growing, and highly untapped mobile gaming markets. Particularly, past few years have been quite revolutionary for the industry as it saw emergence of smartphones, GPS enabled sets, and 3G handsets. Consumers have also given tremendous response to the world class offerings of domestic and foreign players and accepted new revenue models, which are directly linked with industry's developments and future expansion.

According to our latest research report, "India Mobile Gaming Analysis", Indian mobile gaming industry has secured one of the world's fastest growth rates during the last five years. The massive mobile subscriber's base, technically upgraded games, advanced smartphones, and 3G enabled handsets have provided much awaited boost to the industry, which grew more than fivefold during 2005-2009. The research revealed that in coming year also, the industry will continue to post staggering market growth. The projected CAGR growth of around 74% during 2010-2013 will help India become one of the most attractive destinations for foreign mobile game developers and distributors for investments and outsourcing services.

Domestic companies account for majority of the mobile gaming market in India. These homegrown companies have been witnessing rapid growth in their overall revenue compared to their foreign counterparts. However, it has been anticipated that, during the forecast period, entry of international majors will somewhat balance the market dynamics and result in competitive product pricing and overall improved quality. These proceedings will benefit the consumer most and will help propel industry's future growth.

Our report, "India Mobile Gaming Analysis", is an outcome of extensive research and objective analysis of burgeoning mobile gaming industry in India. The report provides statistics/information on overall industry developments along with current and future market projections. It also facilitates deep market understanding on various industry segments and games categories including role playing, social games, and locations based games. In addition, all important industry drivers and restraints have been included to present a balance research outlook of the concerned industry.

  • 1. Analyst View
  • 2. Emerging Market Trends & Drivers
    • 2.1 Growing Mobile Subscribers Base
    • 2.2 Increasing VAS Share
    • 2.3 Low Production Costs
    • 2.4 Introduction of 3G
  • 3. Mobile Gaming in Context of Gaming Industry
  • 4. Industry Overview and Outlook by 2013
    • 4.1 By Segment
    • 4.1.1 Consumer
    • 4.1.2 Service
  • 5. Analysis by Game Type
    • 5.1 Role Playing Games
    • 5.2 Location-based Games
    • 5.3 Social Games
  • 6. Gamer Profile Analysis
  • 7. Mobile Gaming Value Chain Analysis
  • 8. Industry Restraints
    • 8.1 Piracy Issues
    • 8.2 Lack of Skilled Manpower
    • 8.3 Price Sensitivity
    • 8.4 Cultural Barriers
  • 9. Competitive Landscape
    • 9.1 IndiaGames
    • 9.1.1 Recent Developments
    • 9.2 Nazara
    • 9.2.1 Recent Developments
    • 9.3 Dhruva Interactive
    • 9.3.1 Recent Developments
  • List of Figures:
    • Figure 2-1: Mobile Subscriber Base (Million), 2007-08 to 2013-14
    • Figure 2-2: Mobile Value Added Services Revenue by Service Type (%), 2010 & 2013
    • Figure 2-3: Forecast for Number of 3G Handsets (Million), 2011-2013
    • Figure 3-1: Gaming Industry by Segment (%), 2010 & 2013
    • Figure 4-1: Mobile Gaming Industry (Million US$), 2009-2013
    • Figure 4-2: Share of Mobile Gamers in Total Mobile Subscribers Base (2010)
    • Figure 4-3: Mobile Gaming Industry by Consumer End (Million US$), 2009-2013
    • Figure 4-4: Mobile Gaming Industry by Service End (Million US$), 2009-2013
    • Figure 6-1: Mobile Gaming Industry by Age Group (%), 2010
    • Figure 6-2: Mobile Gaming Industry by Profession (%), 2010
    • Figure 7-1: Gaming Industry Value Chain
    • List of Table:
    • Table 2-1: Gaming Content Development Cost by Country (Million US$)
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