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Building A Mobile Ad Management Platform Out Of Your Sdp

  • Publication Date:April 2007
  • Publisher:Ovum
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:13

Building A Mobile Ad Management Platform Out Of Your Sdp

More and more mobile service providers are facing difficulties in growing their top-line revenues, and are consequently looking for new sources of revenue generation. Among the various options at stake, one of the most frequently explored consists of placing ads and using marketing campaigns to generate indirect revenues. This drives lots of attention across the whole vendor industry, and more specifically in areas that are at the crossroads between billing, OSS, subscriber data management and provisioning tools (WAP gateways). This crossroads is essentially where the service delivery platform area stands - and consequently it is likely that the advent of advertising and mobile marketing will affect the design of the service delivery platform. This report analyses what this impact could be, starting from an assessment of what the value chain of ad management is likely to be.

  • A mobile ad management platform is not an ad management tool
  • What is a mobile ad management platform?
  • The data management complexity
  • The mobile ad management value chain
  • Where the SDP could play a role in the ad management area
  • BSS/OSS brokerage: capturing end-user mobile commerce transaction information
  • Content subsystem: service provider and third-party content policy management
  • Third-party services management
  • Service brokerage layer: service execution and service orchestration
  • High-level design requirements for the 'ad enablement' of the SDP
  • Requirement 1: add data mining and data warehousing processing logic in the SDP
  • Requirement 2: expand content policy management to campaign management
  • Requirement 3: add ROI analysis in the third-party service provider module
  • Table of figures
    • Figure 1 Mobile advertising value chain components
    • Figure 2 Mobile advertising value chain roles
    • Figure 3 Impact of ad management on functional roles of the SDP
    • Figure 4 Process of ad enablement within the SDP
    • Figure 5 Service provider data attributes
    • Figure 6 Three different layers of business intelligence needs
    • Figure 7 Policy management and ad insertion mechanisms
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