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China Mobile Payment Prospects and Opportunities (IDC16753)
According to IDC's market studies, China's mobile payment market handled RMB 151.14 billion in transactions in 2012, a year over year (YoY) increase of 89.2%. Transactions in China's mobile payment...
Apr 2014£2,175€2,581$3,500
Mobile Payment and m-Commerce in China 2014 (MAV00071)
Mobile Payment in China: 2014 Edition is the seventh and latest edition of our most popular report. Simply put, it is the most up-to-date and comprehensive study available on China's...
Mar 2014£1,860€2,207$3,000
Maverick Analysis: Key Factors Shaping the Future of Mobile Payment in China (MAV00069)
DescriptionChina is home to the largest mobile network in the world, with millions of new users added every month. In the past ten years, Chinese consumers have widely adopted electronic...
Jan 2014£125€148$200
Global Mobile Payment Methods 2013 (YST00125)
Mobile payment for goods and services continues global growth.Hamburg-based secondary market research company has released a new report titled “Global Mobile Payment Methods 2013”. The report indicates that the...
Dec 2013£3,330€3,950$5,364
Mobile Payment (mPayment) Market Report 2013-2023 : The Future of NFC, m-Commerce, m-Banking, P2P Transfers, and Mobile Money (VIS24283)
Report DetailsMobile payments (mPayments) utilise both network assets and in-device components to deliver mobile applications capable of making payments for a range of services, dependent upon the market. Although the...
Oct 2013£1,545€1,834$2,489
MOBILE PHONES (France) - Industry Report (PLF01294)
Plimsoll's MOBILE PHONES (France) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the MOBILE PHONES (France) sector in 2013. The report (compiled in French language) is split into two sections...
May 2013£505€599$813
PORTABLE & MODULAR BUILDINGS (France) - Industry Report (PLF00402)
Plimsoll's PORTABLE & MODULAR BUILDINGS (France) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the PORTABLE & MODULAR BUILDINGS (France) sector in 2013. The report (compiled in French language) is...
May 2013£505€599$813
Telephones Mobiles (PLF00341)
Analyse des performances des sociétés françaisesL'étude de portefeuille Plimsoll TELEPHONES MOBILES - vous apporte une analyse détaillée et à jour des 250 sociétés opérant sur le marché. Cette étude est idéale pour toute personne qui...
May 2013£505€599$813
MOBILE MARKETING (Spain) - Industry Report (PMW08730)
Plimsoll's MOBILE MARKETING (Spain) analysis is the most definitive and accurate study of the MOBILE MARKETING (Spain) sector in 2013. The report (compiled in Spanish language) is split into two sections...
May 2013£520€617$838
Mobile Phone Distributors - Industry Report UK (PMS02137)
Plimsoll Publishing's UK Mobile Phone Distributors Analysis provides a detailed overview of the UK Mobile Phone Distributors market and delivers a comprehensive individual analysis on the top 150 companies, including...
May 2013£350€415$564
Mobile Termination Rates Europe (HOT00138)
The report will provides detailed fixed to mobile termination rates on an operator-by-operator basis for each Western and Eastern European countries. It highlights the planned rate decreases for the...
Apr 2013£245€291$395
Market Opportunity: Location-based Services (MIC00333)
Sometimes considered a stand-alone service, often thought about only in precise positioning terms, location determination may also be on a proximity basis. In all cases, location adds value to...
Apr 2013£305€362$495
Mobile Wallet Market (TAN00184)
The global increase in Smartphone penetration compounded with the widespread use of NFC (Near Field Communication) technology in the form of embedded "tags" is driving the mobile wallet market. Smartphones...
Apr 2013£2,855€3,387$4,595
Market Opportunity: Mobile Marketing and Advertising (MIC00335)
Overview: People often categorize "mobile marketing " within a large bucket of things that include mobile customer relationship management, mobile search, mobile entertainment and personalization, mobile couponing, and mobile advertising. We...
Apr 2013£620€736$995
Best Practices: The Rising Use of Mobility in Canada's Retail Market (IDC13968)
This IDC Retail Insights report discusses the findings of a joint survey conducted by IDC Retail Insights and Retail Council of Canada (RCC) to explore the current state of mobility...
Mar 2013£2,795€3,316$4,500
Business Strategy: A Framework for Mobile Transformation in Retail (IDC13967)
This IDC Retail Insights report introduces a framework for mobile transformation in retail. Mobility in retail is exploding, as retailers seek to leverage the growing ubiquity of mobile devices to...
Mar 2013£4,655€5,523$7,500
Mobile World Congress: The Big Consumer Themes (IDC14060)
The mobile industry's biggest annual gathering, Mobile World Congress, took place from February 25 to February 28, 2013. After the show, the GSMA announced a record attendance of 72,000 delegates,...
Mar 2013£2,175€2,581$3,500
Mobile World Congress 2013: An Evolving Role for SMB IT Managers in a Mobile-First World (IDC14089)
This IDC Insight pertains to key announcements made at the Mobile World Congress (MWC) 2013 that will specifically impact small and midmarket firms' IT adoption and usage. Held in Barcelona,...
Mar 2013£310€368$500
Global Mobile Security (mSecurity) Market (VIS00471)
2013-2018In recent years, there has been a fundamental transformation of the mobile ecosystem. Evolving technologies are constantly presenting new opportunities for applications. Smartphones, tablets, portable gaming consoles, digital media players...
Mar 2013£1,549€1,838$2,495
Middle East - Mobile Voice and Mobile Operators Market (BUD00503)
REPORT DESCRIPTION This Middle East market report covers the mobile telephony and mobile data markets in each of the following countries: Bahrain, Iran, Iraq, Israel, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Oman, Qatar, Saudi...
Mar 2013£620€736$995
Latin American Mobile Services Markets Outlook I, 2012 (FRS01055)
Data to Drive Mobile Services as Voice Market Reaches Saturation in Latin AmericaThis research service covers the state of the Latin American mobile services market, examining the industry landscape, country market facts, drivers and restraints for growth, trends and forecasts, as well...
Mar 2013£3,105€3,684$5,000
Global Mobile Communications - Statistics, Trends and Regional Insights (BUD00244)
12th edition REPORT DESCRIPTION This annual report offers a wealth of information on the global mobile sector and is a valuable resource of insights, examples, statistics and trends. The report includes key statistics...
Mar 2013£620€736$995
Global Mobile Business Intelligence Market (INF02258)
2012-2016TechNavio's analysts forecast the Global Mobile Business Intelligence market to grow at a CAGR of 27.47 percent over the period 2012-2016. One of the key factors contributing to this market...
Feb 2013£1,240€1,471$2,000
Asia - Mobile Voice Market (BUD00459)
18th editionPublication Overview This Asia market report covers 35 countries in North, South, South East and Central Asia. The theme of the report is mobile deployment and development, particularly focusing on voice...
Feb 2013£775€920$1,250
Mobile Engagement and Promotional Services Market in India (NSB02067)
2013The report begins with 'Introduction' section covering overview of Mobile engagement (m-Engagement) and mobile marketing activities which provides basic idea of the technology, its progression over years, and elements of...
Feb 2013£995€1,181$1,600