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SMEs in South Africa: highly mobile

  • Publication Date:October 2009
  • Publisher:Ovum
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:14

SMEs in South Africa: highly mobile Telecoms

Here we present the results of a survey carried out with SMEs in South Africa, outlining their budget priorities and their attitudes towards telecoms sourcing and usage.

South African SMEs are highly mobile

South Africa has the highest proportion of mobile users among SMEs of all the countries we surveyed. Mobile email and SMS services are well established mobile applications and this survey suggested potential for other mobile applications to grow quickly.

Opportunities in managed services

Managed services are the way forward for telecoms service providers in South Africa. They can provide the latest technologies at a monthly recurring cost. By combining advanced services into a managed service, enterprises can receive advanced services without additional dependence on telecoms managers. They also have the piece of mind that they are not spending too much, since they have a monthly recurring charge.

Telcos can provide more to SMEs

Telecoms service providers can do more to extend their reach into SMEs in South Africa. Currently most SMEs surveyed buy telecoms services from their telecoms service providers, but service providers can do more to encourage the adoption of non-traditional services.

SMEs expect better service

South African SMEs expect better service and service-level agreements. They are not satisfied with current agreements and believe they can be improved in areas such as service reliability and response time to clear faults. This provides service providers with a good opportunity to differentiate their services based on the quality of service they provide.

  • Executive summary
  • in a nutshell
  • Key messages
  • South African SMEs are highly mobile
  • Opportunities in managed services
  • Telcos can provide more to SMEs
  • SMEs expect better service
  • Telecoms attitudes and budgets
  • Attitudes to telecoms
  • Telecoms budgets
  • Service improvement
  • Wireline perspective
  • Fixed services
  • Video conferencing
  • Mobility perspective
  • South African SME mobile priorities
  • about our survey
  • Scope
  • List of Figures
    • Figure 1: SMEs in South Africa: views on telecoms
    • Figure 2: SMEs in South Africa: change in annual telecoms expenditure
    • Figure 3: SMEs in South Africa: most important areas for improvement
    • Figure 4: SMEs in South Africa: sourcing trends
    • Figure 5: SMEs in South Africa: popularity of managed services
    • Figure 6: SMEs in South Africa: value-added fixed services
    • Figure 7: SMEs in South Africa: factors for moving to IP telephony
    • Figure 8: SMEs in South Africa: video conferencing demand
    • Figure 9: SMEs in South Africa: mobile priorities
    • Figure 10: SMEs in South Africa: mobile applications in use and planned use
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