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Global Mobile Identity and Access Management Market 2009-2013

  • Publication Date:April 2010
  • Publisher:TechNavio
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:23

Global Mobile Identity and Access Management Market 2009-2013

Mobile Identity and Access Management (IAM) is a technology used to identify, acquire, access and pay for services. It consists of various technologies, like biometrics, passwords/ PINs management on the mobile devices, security tokens, smart cards, etc. The Mobile IAM is a promising technology, with many applications to offer for all types of mobile users. In contrast to the previous generation mobile business infrastructures, this technology represents a pivotal shift from mobile devices that worked as identification system, to devices that have become an identity itself for other systems.

The Mobile IAM market is still in an emerging phase. This industry is fragmented with multiple vendors, and the low standardization of products and applications. TechNavio believes that in the near future, the vendors are likely to offer range of products based on industry standards. This would create better range of products that can be integrated easily, and reduce the cost of the solution.

Mobile devices let a user resume official work in any place, thus, improving the productivity of the organization. Further, the Mobile IAM devices have application in Census, Government and Security Agencies Identification Systems, etc. Currently, many developed countries (including US and other European countries) have started using mobile biometric identification techniques for keeping a check on the people traveling across countries. Besides, biometric citizen identification cards are also being used by the government for Census and other activities. Further, mobile IAM devices are also used in the battlefield to capture the enemies. For instance, in the Afghanistan war, the US army used a Mobile Retina Scanner to identify and capture the terrorists.

This report by TechNavio Insights highlights the current and future market potential of the Global Mobile Identity and Access Management market. Further, it discusses trends, drivers, growth inhibitors. It also profiles a few major vendors in the market.

  • 1. Introduction
  • 2. Market Size and Forecast
  • 3. Geographic Segmentation
    • 3.1.Market Size in Americas
    • 3.2.Market Size in EMEA
    • 3.3.Market Size in APAC
  • 4. Market Trends in Mobile IAM Market
  • 5. Market Drivers in Mobile IAM Market
  • 6. Market Challenges in Mobile IAM Market
  • 7. Vendors
  • 8. Related Reports in this Series
  • List of Exhibits
    • Exhibit 2.1: Mobile IAM Market Size and Forecast 2009-2013 (In $million)
    • Exhibit 3.1: Mobile IAM Market Segmentation by Geography - 2009
    • Exhibit 3.2: Mobile IAM Market Size in Americas - 2009-2013 (in $million)
    • Exhibit 3.3: Mobile IAM Market Size in EMEA - 2009-2013 (in $million)
    • Exhibit 3.4: Mobile IAM Market Size in APAC - 2009-2013 (in $million)
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