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Managed Network Services in India: An Analysis

  • Publication Date:December 2010
  • Publisher:Ovum
  • Product Type: Report
  • Pages:17

Managed Network Services in India: An Analysis

In an economic environment still recovering from global recession, the Indian managed services market has continued to evolve and mature. Companies have cut back their communications budgets, thereby postponing new investments and upgrades, but they have also become more aware of the importance of focusing on core competencies. Faced with managing high levels of traffic and complex network operations on a reduced budget, companies are turning to managed service providers not only to stay focused on core strategies but to help reduce manpower.

  • Executive
  • Summary
  • In A Nutshell
    • Ovum view
  • Global Recession Has Brought New Opportunities
    • IT/BPO, banking, and government are the key target markets
    • SME segment is driving the take-up of opex-based billing models
    • Managed
  • Wan Is The Most Popular Managed Service Across Market Segments
    • Unified communications has yet to realize its full potential
    • Government limits on encryption is a significant inhibitor
    • Partnering with vendors is seen as key to future growth in
  • Sme Segment
    • Recommendations for Service Providers
  • Move From 'Network Monitoring' To 'Application Performance Management'
    • Customize selectively - mostly for large enterprise play
    • Develop shared models to increase medium-term uptake of telepresence services
    • Service Provider Strategies
  • Key Players In The Indian Mns Market
    • Service differentiation
    • The service flow
    • Marketing strategies
  • Cost Savings Remain The Key Marketing Message
    • Targeting multiple entities within an organization
    • Partnerships as a tool to reach
  • Sme Segment
    • Market
  • Trends
  • Ethernet Driving The Adoption Of Next-Generation Wan
    • Total cost of ownership is the top evaluation criterion
    • Small but growing adoption of managed LAN services
    • Market Drivers and Inhibitors
  • Globalization And Economic Slowdown Boosting Demand
    • Increased complexity and availability of skills
    • SMART play puts new services in business value chain
    • Low encryption limits as an inhibitor
    • Internal support departments still provide competition
    • Control issues remain but are less relevant today
    • Vertical opportunities still remain
  • Future Outlook
  • Driving Home Early-Mover Advantage
  • Appendix
  • Methodology
  • Further Reading
  • List Of Tables
    • Table 1: Key managed network service providers in India
  • List Of Figures
    • Figure 1: Typical service flow for managed network providers
    • Figure 2: India Enterprise Ethernet revenue forecasts (2008-15)
    • Figure 3: Evolution for enterprise services in India
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