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Vietnam Aviation Industry

Vietnam Aviation Industry 2H10

Vietnam: Aviation covers the sector overview, economic overview and airports in Vietnam. It also covers the aviation plans, air passengers to Vietnam to double by 2020, budget airlines, foreign investment, airport infrastructure development plan till 2015, current and future projects of Vietnam's aviation sector and ASEAN single aviation market in 2015, plus the leading players of the industry: Vietnam Airlines Corporation, Jetstar Pacific, and VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company.

VN Aviation provides an overview of the aviation industry in Vietnam, the country's economic overview and airports statistics. Flights statistics of Tan Son Nhat (TSN) International Airport is also included. TSN International Airport is the largest international airport in Vietnam in terms of area and capacity. In 2009, TSN International Airport accounted for nearly half of Vietnam's air passenger traffic.

The report includes the market trends and outlook of the aviation industry in Vietnam. We also examine Vietnam's aviation plans, budget airlines, foreign investment, and current and future projects of Vietnam's aviation industry. By 2020, Vietnam's aviation industry targets total income of USD12-15 billion, which will account for 5-8% of the country's GDP.

The report also includes the major players in the aviation industry. The top players included in our report are Vietnam Airlines Corporation, Jetstar Pacific and VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company. Vietnam Airlines, the country's first national carrier, holds more than 80% share of the domestic market. In 2009, Vietnam Airlines recorded a net profit of VND 150 billion on the back of VND 24.5 trillion in sales.

  • 1. Industry Profile
    • 1.1 Sector Overview
    • 1.2 Economic Overview
    • 1.3 Airports in Vietnam
  • 2. Market Trends and Outlook
    • 2.1 Aviation Plans
    • 2.2 Air Passengers to Vietnam to Double by 2020
    • 2.3 Budget Airlines
    • 2.4 Foreign Investment
    • 2.5 Airport Infrastructure Development Plan till 2015
    • 2.6 Current and Future Projects of Vietnam's Aviation Sector
    • 2.7 Outlook - ASEAN Single Aviation Market in 2015
  • 3. Leading Players and Comparative Matrix
    • 3.1 Leading Players of Vietnam's Automobile Industry
    • 3.1 Vietnam Airlines Corporation
    • 3.2 Jetstar Pacific
    • 3.3 VietJet Aviation Joint Stock Company
    • Note: USD 1 = VND 19,450.00
  • 4. Tables and Charts
    • Table 1: GDP growth rate and GDP per head on selected countries in 2006-2020 period
    • Table 2: Population and GDP per Capita of Vietnam
    • Table 3: List of Airports in Vietnam
    • Table 4: Top 10 Countries Ranked by AAGR from 2007-2011
    • Table 5: Vietnam Airlines Fleet as at March 2010
    • Chart 1: Consumer Price Index (% change YoY)
    • Chart 2: Flight Statistics in TSN Airport
    • Chart 3: Passengers and Goods Traffic at TSN Airport
    • Chart 4: Vietnam Airlines Passengers Traffic at TSN Airport
    • Chart 5: Foreign Airlines Passengers Traffic at TSN Airport
    • Chart 6: Vietnam Airlines Goods Traffic at TSN Airport
    • Chart 7: Foreign Airlines Goods Traffic at TSN Airport
    • Chart 8: Number of Passenger Carried by Vietnam Airlines
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