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Colour Cosmetics in Azerbaijan

23 pages • By Euromonitor International

Colour cosmetics in Azerbaijan recorded a strong declining volume sales in 2016. The key reason for reduced expenditure on colour cosmetics was due to falling disposable incomes in the country during the year, which was in turn the result of the double wave of currency devaluation in the country during February and December 2015. The devaluation...

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Apr 2017

Depilatories in Azerbaijan

21 pages • By Euromonitor International

2016 saw value sales of depilatories register a significant increase in current terms. However, this strong sales increase was supported entirely by unit price growth, which was the result of the significant devaluation of the local currency during 2015 and 2016. In December 2015, the Azeri manat lost 48% of its exchange value against major...

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Apr 2017

Tissue and Hygiene in Azerbaijan

49 pages • By Euromonitor International

Demand for tissue and hygiene continued to grow in 2016 with rising hygiene awareness among consumers. Also, increased product availability helped raise interest from consumers in new products, as well as driving volume sales of tissue and hygiene products in Azerbaijan. Euromonitor International’s Tissue and Hygiene in Azerbaijan report...

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Mar 2017

Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Azerbaijan

16 pages • By Euromonitor International

In 2016, the use of nappies/diapers/pants increased both in volume and current value terms in Azerbaijan. With the positive birth rate and increased awareness amongst mothers about the necessity of using hygienic nappies/diapers for children, the category saw positive growth in 2016. Taking into account per capita consumption of 555 units...

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Mar 2017

Cotton Wool/Buds/Pads in Azerbaijan

18 pages • By Euromonitor International

Towards the end of the review period, cotton wool/buds/pads benefited strongly from consumers' growing focus on hygiene and convenience which was also assisted by disposable income levels rising. Azerbaijani consumers have begun to put more emphasis on the quality of cotton wool/buds/pads as they look to purchase these products in stores....

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Aug 2015

Sets/Kits in Azerbaijan

19 pages • By Euromonitor International

Azerbaijanis like to give and receive presents. Sets/kits remain a popular gift idea for different occasions, such as New Year, International Women’s Day, birthdays and other celebrations. Sets/kits are usually widely available in Azerbaijan at holiday seasons, particularly prior to New Year, in both women’s and men’s ranges. Manufacturers...

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Jun 2015