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Tissue and Hygiene in Bolivia

49 pages • By Euromonitor International

Despite a slowdown in growth of the Bolivian economy, tissue and hygiene continued recording growth during 2016. Bolivian economic conditions limited growth of categories with higher penetration, but companies’ efforts to promote value-added products within emerging categories benefited overall growth. Nevertheless, growth was moderate with...

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Mar 2017

Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Bolivia

18 pages • By Euromonitor International

Parents are increasingly concerned about giving the best to their children and seek products that help them to meet their children’s needs. Companies took advantage of this and focused their efforts on innovation and promoting their brands’ properties, such as absorption, comfort and skin protection. Euromonitor International’s Nappies/Diapers/Pants...

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Mar 2017

Colour Cosmetics in Bolivia

21 pages • By Euromonitor International

An inclination to spend on appearance drives the performance of colour cosmetics. Consumers in Bolivia were more concerned about personal appearance in 2015. As a result, they purchased colour cosmetics more often. In addition, the rising numbers of women in the workforce boosted sales, as they were willing to spend more to improve their appearance...

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Apr 2016

Sets/Kits in Bolivia

16 pages • By Euromonitor International

Beauty and personal care companies that distribute their products through store-based retail channels continue to offer sets/kits only on a seasonal basis, while some direct sellers offer sets/kits throughout the year. Nonetheless, the majority of players in the category focus on special occasions to market their sets/kits. For instance, there...

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May 2015