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Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Serbia

18 pages • By Euromonitor International

Per capita volume consumption of nappies/diapers/pants continued to decline in 2016 to reach 1,016 units. This was mostly due to the declining birth rate in the country and overall population decline. However, per capita consumption is still high compared to North America with 1,244 units per child and Western Europe with 963 units per child. Euromonitor...

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Mar 2017

Colour Cosmetics in Serbia

25 pages • By Euromonitor International

There were no significant new launches within colour cosmetics in the second part of 2014 and in 2015. While there were numerous brand extensions, none were advertised by their respective manufacturers. Instead, producers mainly focused on improving distribution and marketing support for their strongest brands. Euromonitor International's...

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Apr 2016

Sets/Kits in Serbia

20 pages • By Euromonitor International

Set/s kits tends to be purchased for one of the following reasons – either bought as a present or because products that are part of sets/kits are cheaper than they would be purchased separately. The second motive is mostly responsible for the relatively healthy growth witnessed in 2014. Euromonitor International’s Sets/Kits in Serbia...

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Jun 2015