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Wipes in Ukraine

23 pages • By Euromonitor International

With the support of sales of home care wipes and floor cleaning systems, which is a quite immature category and contains products that are increasingly affordable for consumers, wipes felt little of a negative effect from the economic crisis in 2015 and registered a decline of only 1% in volume terms. As for personal wipes, the category recorded...

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Mar 2016

Nappies/Diapers/Pants in Ukraine

19 pages • By Euromonitor International

Per capita consumption of nappies/diapers/pants in Ukraine is much lower than in North America or Western Europe, recording 414 units in 2015. Although in general usage is growing, there was a slight decline in per capita consumption of nappies/diaper/pants in 2015. The main reason for the drop was a decline in purchasing power given the unstable...

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Mar 2016

Kyivsky Kartonno-Paperovy Kombinat VAT in Tissue and Hygiene (Ukraine)

2 pages • By Euromonitor International

Over the forecast period, Kyivsky Kartonno-Paperovy Kombinat is expected to remain one of the leading European manufacturers of tissue, cardboard and cartons for packaging, with its targets including the expansion of its local and international distribution and growth of its production output. Environmentally friendly production, the modernisation...

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Mar 2016

Consumer and Market Insights: Feminine Hygiene Market in Ukraine

53 pages • By Global Data

Summary The Ukrainian Feminine Hygiene market is led by the Sanitary Pads category in value terms. The category is also expected to register the fastest growth during 2015-2020. Flexible Packaging is the most commonly used packaging material in the country's Feminine Hygiene market. The Procter and Gamble Company is the leading player...

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Mar 2016

Vatfarm TOV in Tissue and Hygiene (Ukraine)

3 pages • By Euromonitor International

During the forecast period, Vatfarm is expected to aim to maintain its position in cotton wool/buds/pads in Ukraine by expanding its distribution and production volumes. Its Malva brand is positioned as the leading Ukrainian brand in sanitary protection. Euromonitor International Local Company Profiles are a concise set of briefings...

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Aug 2015

Cotton Wool/Buds/Pads in Ukraine

24 pages • By Euromonitor International

Cotton wool/buds/pads in Ukraine is a highly saturated category. For this reason, sales of these products are decreasing significantly. Cotton pads have diverse packaging, offering a wide range of products at different prices and containing varying quantities of pads inside, which has increased the average unit price significantly. The weight...

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Aug 2015

Pre-Shave Cosmetics - Men's Market in Ukraine: Market Profile to 2018

18 pages • By Global Data

Summary This report presents data on the Pre-Shave Cosmetics - Men's consumption trends in Ukraine. It analyzes Pre-Shave Cosmetics - Men's consumption volumes and values at market and category level. It examines the components of change in the market for the historic (2008-2013) and forecast (2014-2018) years by volumes and...

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Feb 2015