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About Oil and Gas Equipment Transportation Oil and gas equipment transportation involves the movement of oil and gas equipment from the source to the destination. Equipment to support the exploration, drilling, and refining of oil and gas transported in the oil and gas industry for are included in the scope. Generally,...

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About Oversized Cargo Transportation Oversized cargo transportation refers to moving overweight and bulky loads that exceed the authorized weight limits and dimensions from a point of origin to a desired destination. Transporting oversized cargo is not feasible through standard containers or standard road vehicles,...

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About Oversized Cargo Transportation An oversized cargo is a load that exceeds the dimensions and weight limits of a normal transport. It requires extensive expertise and handling. There are certain factors that are considered as the determinants for an oversized cargo such as cargo dimensions, cargo weight, available cargo...

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  • Dimensions of trailers used to transport oversized cargo as per ATS, a logistics company in the US
  • Global wind energy equipment logistics market by sea - Market size and forecast 2017- 2022 ($ bn)

Also, axle load limits on road transportation make the transport of wind equipment through roads difficult.

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