Global Food Packaging Market 2013-2023

Global Food Packaging Market 2013-2023

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The global food packaging market can be seen to have reached a plateau in terms of technology and its ability to carry out its primary duty which is that of protecting and extending the life of the foods stuffs within the packaging. Being quite a mature market growth is neither slow nor excessive with an equilibrium being achieved by the meeting of slowing growth in the more developed economies of the west and the burgeoning economies of the east. As such, visiongain has determined that the global food packaging market will attain sales of $251.8bn in 2013.

In the west food packaging has advanced to its limit to a point where any new technologies or developments come at great financial, research and design costs and the benefit of these discoveries on the already existing packaging are marginal at best. Focus in these mature markets has now drifted to branding and the development of new and more exotic food stuffs. Whereas in the eastern markets it is a case of playing catch up in terms of technology and pushing out the reach of supply chains and logistic channels as the life of foods within packaging have met their limits and now infrastructure and logistics has to cover the gap to enable food to reach their end customers from the farm gate.

Looking at the materials comprising the global food packaging market, certain countries favour certain materials such as America and paperboard and Brazil with glass but overall there is a clear trend that plastics of both a flexible and rigid type are the most favoured and in the most demand simply due to their costs and performance as a malleable material and ability to cope in almost all environments.

Why you should buy the Global Food Packaging Market 2013-2023

• Stay ahead with this comprehensive analysis of the food packaging industry prospects
- The report comprises 140 pages
• Get ahead by studying highly quantitative content that delivers solid conclusions benefiting your research and analysis
- 98 tables, charts, and graphs quantifying and forecasting the food packaging market
• Read exclusive expert opinion interviews from food packaging industry specialists informing the analysis
- We Are Pure
- The Packaging Federation
• View global food packaging market forecasts from 2013-2023 to keep your knowledge one step ahead of the competition
- The report provides an analytical overview with detailed sales projections and analysis of the market, the competitors, and the commercial drivers and restraints.
• Keep informed about the potential for each of the food packaging submarkets with forecasts from 2013-2023
- Rigid plastic food packaging
- Flexible plastic food packaging
- Paperboard food packaging
- Metal food packaging
- Glass food packaging
- Other food packaging
• Learn about the opportunities in 14 leading national food packaging markets with forecasts between 2013-2023
- US
- Japan
- Germany
- France
- China
- UK
- Italy
- Canada
- Spain
- Australia
- South Korea
- Brazil
- Russia
- India
- Row
• Understand the competitive landscape with profiles of 13 leading food packaging companies examining their positioning, products, services, focus, strategies and outlook.
- Saint Gobain
- Tetra Laval
- Reynolds Group Holdings
- Amcor
- Ball Corporation
- Crown Holdings Inc
- Mondi Group
- Owens-Illinois Inc
- Rexam Plc
- MeadWestVaco Corporation
- Bemis Company Inc
- Ardagh Group
- DS Smith Plc
• Discover the qualitative analysis informing the market forecasts
- SWOT analysis of competitive factors: strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats revealing what drives and restrains the industry.

What makes this report unique?

Visiongain consulted widely with industry experts and full transcripts from these exclusive interviews with We Are Pu
Table of Contents

1. Executive Summary
1.1 Global Market Overview
1.2 Benefits of this Report
1.3 Who is This Report For?
1.4 Methodology
1.5 Global Food Packaging Market Forecast 2013-2023
1.6 Food Packaging Submarkets Forecasts 2013-2023
1.7 Leading National Food Packaging Market Forecasts 2013-2023

2. Introduction to the Food Packaging Market
2.1 Food Packaging Market Structure Overview
2.2 Food Packaging at a Resource Level
2.3 Metal Resources
2.4 Paperboard Resources
2.5 Plastics and Glass Resources
2.6 Energy Costs
2.7 Health Worries
2.8 Changing Demographics
2.9 Durability
2.10 Reversing Disposability
2.11 Packaging Perceptions
2.12 Limit Reached
2.13 In the Waiting Line
2.14 A Glance at the Decade

3. Global Food Packaging Market Forecast 2013-2023
3.1 Global Outlook
3.2 Western European Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.3 Eastern European Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.4 Asia-Pacific Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.5 South American Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.6 North American Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.7 Middle Eastern Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.8 Oceanic Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
3.9 African Food Packaging Market 2013-2023

4. Food Packaging Submarket Forecasts 2013-2023
4.1 General Outlook
4.2 Rigid Plastic Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
4.2.1 Rigid Plastics Market Fundamentals
4.2.2 Are Plastics The Dominating Material?
4.2.3 Rigid Plastics Easier on Design and Branding
4.2.4 A Convenient Material
4.2.5 Are We Moving Towards Non Traditional Plastics?
4.2.6 Plastic in the West
4.3 Flexible Plastic Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
4.3.1 Flexible Plastics Market Fundamentals
4.3.2 Flexible Pouches Are Leading The Way In Which Market?
4.4 Paper Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
4.4.1 Paperboard Fundamentals
4.4.2 What Niche Market Does Paperboard Excel In?
4.4.3 Paperboard Claims The Middle And Higher Consumer Tiers
4.4.4 Is Paperboard As Environmental As We Think It Is?
4.4.5 Overall
4.5 Metal Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
4.5.1 Metal Fundamentals
4.5.2 Suiting the Growing Needs Of The New Demographic
4.5.3 The Need for Tamper Proof Packaging
4.5.4 100% Recoverable
4.5.5 Hesitation In The Industry
4.6 Glass Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
4.6.1 Glass Fundamentals
4.6.2 Starting Strong But Lacking Follow Through
4.6.3 The Most Resilient Material?
4.6.4 Who Is Driving The Growth In Glass?
4.6.5 Cost Reduction Strategise Aiding The Glass Market
4.6.6 What Does The Future Hold For Glass?
4.7 Other Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
4.7.1 Other Fundamentals
4.7.2 Is There A Lack Of Funding For Research And Development?
4.7.3 Once The Short Run Is Over What Will Happen?

5. Leading National Food Packaging Markets Forecast 2013-2023
5.1 General Outlook
5.2 US Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
5.2.1 US Fundamentals
5.2.2 Which Packaging Material Does the US Favour?
5.2.3 A Very Liner Growth Pattern
5.3 Japanese Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
5.3.1 Japanese Fundamentals
5.3.2 Why Does The Japanese Food Packaging Market Stand Out?
5.3.3 Is Japans Food Packaging Industry Ready For The New Demographic?
5.3.4 Japan Is On The Right Path?
5.4 German Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
5.4.1 Germany Reaches $17.49bn
5.4.2 Neither Excelling Or Declining
5.4.3 What Trend is On Germany's Mind
5.4.4 Artisan Foods Are the Growing Urban German Food Trend
5.5 French Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
5.5.1 French Fundamentals
5.5.2 France Tails Germany
5.5.3 How Does The French Food Market Operate?
5.5.4 The French Food Collaboration
5.5.5 The French Legislator And Plastics
5.6 Chinese Food Packaging Market 2013-2023
5.6.1 The Third Largest Market And Growing
5.6.2 Civil Unrest Slowing Gro