2014 Up-and-Coming Beverage Categories and Companies in the U.S.

2014 Up-and-Coming Beverage Categories and Companies in the U.S.

WHAT'S NEXT. This "value set" combines two formerly separate reports (Up-and-Coming Beverage Companies and Up-and-Coming Beverage Categories) into a single study, and offers it at substantial savings. This report scrutinizes the always-changing marketplace, identifying and quantifying emerging non-alcoholic beverage categories, discussing companies of growing significance and describing what could be the next big thing. It also provides an overview of defining trends spurring development of the new categories and looks at the fast-growing liquid refreshment beverage companies, documenting their performance and indicating what makes them noteworthy.

The answers you need

Up-and-Coming Beverage Categories and Companies in the U.S. provides in-depth analysis, shedding light on various aspects of the market. Questions answered include:

What new beverage categories are enlivening the U.S. beverage market?
How big are these emerging sectors and why are they worthy of being on your radar?
What trends characterize the various up-and-coming beverage types entering the marketplace?
Which companies enjoy the backing of industry veterans and strong financial resources, and which do not?
Which up-and-coming beverage companies and brands show the most promise for success in the competitive U.S. marketplace?
Which companies could become take-over targets in the near future?

This report features

Up-and-Coming Beverage Categories and Companies in the U.S. provides an overview of 19 fledgling beverage segments, some of which are poised to become the next big thing. The entrepreneurial brands that comprise the burgeoning beverage categories are anchored in the context of more-established beverage market. Documented are the factors that have led to the development of new beverage categories despite the relative maturity of the packaged beverage market as a whole. Backed by Beverage Marketing’s reliable, all-sales-channel-inclusive data, users get a thorough understanding of key facets of the up-and-coming beverage market including:

-Analysis of industry trends and quantification of emerging non-alcoholic beverage categories and sub-segments
-Discussion of the types of companies driving innovation – from the traditional large beverage companies to entrepreneurs
-Coverage of the factors driving innovation into new beverage types
-Analysis of niche and emerging segments including high-end water, premium sodas, cap-activated beverages, superpremium ready-to-drink teas, coconut water, essence waters, kombucha, cleanses, ready-to-drink protein drinks, shots, functional beverages, probiotics, healthy energy drinks, premium kids’ beverages, ready-to-drink coffee and more

Discussion of companies with distinctive brands in each nascent and new segment. Companies covered include: 5-Hour Energy, Activate, AquaHydrate, Ayala’s Herbal Water, Bai, Bob Marley, BodyArmor, Calypso Lemonade, Celsius, Coco Libre, Core Power, FRS, Function, G.T.’s, Golazo, GoodBelly, Guayaki, Harmless Harvest, Health-Ade, High Country Kombucha, Hint Water, Karma Wellness Water, KeVita, Lifeway, Mamma Chia, Metromint, Mountain Valley, Muscle Milk, Nawgan, Neuro, One Natural Experience (ONE), Reed’s, Sambazon, Simpli Oat, Sneaky Pete’s, Sparkling Ice, Steaz, Stumptown Coffee Roasters, Vita Coco, Wolfgang Puck, Xenergy, Zevia, Zico, Zola Açaí and more
Our analysts’ take on the brands to watch in the various up-and-coming non-alcohol sectors and what they are doing to differentiate themselves as well as discussion of the strengths of various emerging brands and categories and the challenges they’ll face going forward.
The Up-and-Coming Beverages
High-End Water
- Overview
- Mountain Valley Spring
- Voss
- Icelandic Glacial
- AquaHydrate
- Essentia
- Sparkling ICE
- Fred
- Neo
- Fulhum
- Avitae
- Buddha Reiki Chi Life Force Energy Water
- Vertical Water
- Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water
- Reliant Recovery Water
Grain-Based Beverages
- Overview
- Orgain
- Oatworks
- Sneaky Pete's
- Simpli Oat Shake
- Juiceology
Premium Sodas
- Overview
- Reed's
- Boylan's
- Jones Soda
- Spindrift
- Hotlips
- Joia
- Maine Root
- Bruce Cost Ginger Ale
- Sipp
- Diabolo
- GreenBee Soda
- Pop Shoppe
- Zevia
- Dry Soda
- Bundaberg
- Veri
- Nature's Pure
- Minta
- Onli
Unique Juice Beverages
- Overview
- Bai
- KonaRed
- Purity Organic
- Calypso Lemonade
- Sambazon
- Zola Açaí
- Mamma Chia
- Chia/Vie
- Tastes Raaw
- Ralph & Charlie's
- Cheribundi
- Ingo Cucumber Water
- Seminole Pride
- Make a Stand
- Amazonia
Enhanced Water
- Overview
- Activate
- VBlast
- Karma Wellness Water
- 989 On Demand
- GoLive
- Vitamin Squeeze
- Agua Enerviva
- Tapout
- Skinny Water
- Blossom Water
- Aspire
- Protein20
- DripDrop
Superpremium Ready-to-Drink Teas
- Overview
- New Leaf Tea
- Steaz
- Inko's
- Rooibee
- Argo Tea
- Made
- Tao of Tea
- Joe Tea
- Heart of Tea
- Bhakti Chai
- ChaiElixir
- Alexander's Real Tea
- Motto
- Doc's Tea
- Go N'Syde
- Moonshine Sweet Tea
Coconut Water
- Overview
- Vita Coco
- C2O
- Coco Libre
- PowerCoco
- Blue Monkey
- Foco
- Waikoko
- CocoZen
- Aloe Gloe
Essence Waters
- Overview
- Hint Water
- Metromint
- Ayala's Herbal Water
- Balance Water
- Hal's Seltzer
- Overview
- High Country Kombucha
- Health-Ade
- Brew Dr Kombucha
- Live Kombucha Soda
- Humm Kombucha
Premium Mixers
- Overview
- Q Tonic
- Jin-Ja
- Mocked Up
- Ripe Craft Bar Juice
- Owl's Brew
RTD Protein Drinks
- Overview
- Muscle Milk
- Mix1
- Core Power
- FitPro
- Click
- Nu Aquos
- Botan
- Organic Valley
- Slim-Fast
- Overview
- First Aid Shot Therapy (FAST)
- Taki Mai
- Eternal Energy
Functional Beverages
- Overview
- Celsius
- Uve
- Neuro
- BodyArmor
- Ojo
- Nawgan
- EBoost
- Bob Marley
- Blue Buddha
- YogaVeda
- Modjo
- Boost It Up
- Koma Unwind
- FitAid
- ClearFast
- Overview
- Guayaki
- Runa Guayusa
- Overview
- Lifeway
- GoodBelly
- KeVita
Healthy Energy Drinks
- Overview
- Hydrive
- Xenergy
- Golazo
- HiBall
- Killer Buzz
- Guru Energy
- Little Miracles
- Arriba Horchata Energy
- Canna Energy
- Overview
- Tumeric
- Cooler Cleanse
- Organic Avenue
- Suja
- Forager
- Vital Juice
- Daily Greens
- Garden of Flavor
- Tigernuts Horchata
- Urban Remedy
- 'Tude Juice
- Deluxe Honeydrop
Ready-To-Drink Coffee
- Overview
- Whynatte Latte
- RealBeanz
- Martha Stewart's Uliv Java
- Cold-Brewed Coffee: Grady's
- Cold-Brewed Coffee in Austin: Chameleon, Kohana and High Brew
- Califia Farms
- Stumptown Coffee Roasters
- Pronto
Premium Kids' Beverages
- Overview
- Wat-aah!
- Green Mustache
- Sneakz
- The Switch
- Good2Grow

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