Slovenia Commercial Banking Report Q1 2015

Slovenia Commercial Banking Report Q1 2015

BMI’s commercial banking forecast series covers 62 countries accounting for 80% of global GDP. Each report, researched at source, features BMI’s independent assessment and 5-year forecasts to end-2017 for the commercial banking sector in each market. Using its expertise in both country risk and financial markets analysis, BMI has created exclusive models to forecast a wealth of key variables on the commercial banking sector. Historic and forecast data are provided for the sector’s total asset and liability growth, client loans, and client deposits. Forecasts for key ratios including the loan-deposit ratio and the loan-asset ratio are also included, as well as core macro-economic forecasts. Data is presented in both local currency and US dollar terms.

Each report examines key drivers of growth and future prospects, including the macroeconomic situation, the level of development and potential for growth of the banking sector, the commercial initiatives of major players, government policy and the regulatory environment.

Central to BMI’s analysis are our unique Commercial Banking Business Environment Ratings. BMI’s unique country-comparative Risk-Reward Rating provides a clear, quantified, independent assessment of the opportunities and dangers of operating in each market. The methodology draws together our in-depth knowledge of competitive pressures, our comprehensive industry market forecasts, and our Country Risk team’s unrivalled analysis of economic, political and operational risks.

The reports also feature profiles of leading banks, covering total assets, liabilities, client deposits, lending, bond holdings, main products and services, competitive positioning and ownership structure.
BMI Industry View 7
Table: Commercial Banking Sector Indicators 7
Table: Commercial Banking Sector Key Ratios, July 2014 7
Table: Annual Growth Rate Projections 2013-2018 (%) 7
Table: Ranking Out Of 73 Countries Reviewed In 2014 8
Table: Commercial Banking Sector Indicators, 2011-2018 8
Commercial Banking 9
Political 10
Economic 11
Business Environment 12
Industry Forecast 13
Industry Risk Reward Ratings 17
Emerging Europe Commercial Banking Risk/Reward Index 17
Table: Emerging Europe Commercial Banking Risk/Reward Index 18
Market Overview 19
Emerging Europe Commercial Banking Outlook 19
Table: Banks' Bond Portfolios, 2013 19
Table: Comparison Of Loan/Deposit & Loan/Asset & Loan/GDP Ratios, 2014 20
Table: Comparison Of Total Assets & Client Loans & Client Deposits (USDbn) 21
Table: Comparison Of USD Per Capita Deposits, 2014 22
Economic Analysis 23
Real GDP By Expenditure Breakdown 24
Risks To Outlook 26
Table: Economic Activity (Slovenia 2009-2018) 26
Competitive Landscape 27
Market Structure 27
Protagonists 27
Table: Protagonists In Slovenia's Commercial Banking Sector 27
Definition Of The Commercial Banking Universe 27
List Of Banks 28
Table: Commercial Banks and Savings Banks In Slovenia 28
Company Profile 29
Banka Celje 29
Table: Stock Market Indicators 31
Table: Balance Sheet (EURmn) 31
Table: Balance Sheet (USDmn) 32
Table: Key Ratios (%) 32
Banka Koper 33
Table: Stock Market Indicators 35
Table: Balance Sheet (EURmn) 35
Table: Balance Sheet (USDmn) 36
Table: Key Ratios (%) 36
Nova Kreditna Banka Maribor 37
Table: Stock Market Indicators 39
Table: Balance Sheet (EURmn) 40
Table: Balance Sheet (USDmn) 40
Table: Key Ratios (%) 40
Nova Ljubljanska Banka 41
Table: Stock Market Indicators 43
Table: Balance Sheet (EURmn) 43
Table: Balance Sheet (USDmn) 43
Table: Key Ratios (%) 44
SKB Banka dd Ljubljana 45
Table: Balance Sheet (EURmn) 47
Table: Key Ratios (%) 47
Regional Overview 48
Emerging Europe Overview 48
Lower Rates Could Weaken Profitability 48
Dollar Strength More Of A Risk In Russia & Turkey 51
Global Industry Overview 55
Global Commercial Banking Outlook 55
Financial Sector Reform A Key Factor In Loan Growth 60
Demographic Forecast 64
Table: Population Headline Indicators (Slovenia 1990-2025) 65
Table: Key Population Ratios (Slovenia 1990-2025) 65
Table: Urban/Rural Population & Life Expectancy (Slovenia 1990-2025) 66
Table: Population By Age Group (Slovenia 1990-2025) 66
Table: Population By Age Group % (Slovenia 1990-2025) 67
Methodology 69
Industry Forecast Methodology 69
Sector-Specific Methodology 70
Risk/Reward Index Methodology 71
Table: Commercial Banking Risk/Reward Index Indicators 72
Table: Weighting Of Indicators 73

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