Business Strategy: Doubling Management Productivity Through Big Data Investment

  • Sep 2013
  • By IDC
  • 23 pages

Business Strategy: Doubling Management Productivity Through Big Data Investment

  • Sep 2013
  • By IDC
  • 23 pages

This IDC Manufacturing Insights report explores the business benefits of doubling management production through big data investment and provides a framework for supporting the transformation and some technical architectural components to guide investment. In Worldwide Manufacturing Industry 2013 Top 10 Predictions (IDC Manufacturing Insights #MI238805, December 2012), we offered several long-term planning assumptions to aid our clients in putting our findings to use. The assumption that sparked the greatest interest was related to management productivity; specifically, manufacturing companies should be able to double their revenue without adding new management personnel. The assumption was related to our projected benefits from investment in big data, but it isn't a proposition built entirely on better management of more voluminous, diverse, and real-time information. These potential benefits are also built on a new generation of analytics and the investment in social business (a new generation of collaboration), what the marketers would call "insight to action."

"The next wave of productivity gains in manufacturing will come from making our decision makers -- managers and knowledge workers -- more effective through better organization, analysis, and socialization of information. Your long-term planning assumption should be that you will have to be able to double company revenue without adding any new management personnel." -- Bob Parker, group vice president of Research for IDC Manufacturing Insights

Table of Contents

IDC Manufacturing Insights Opinion

In This Study

Situation Overview

The Emergence of Big Data Concepts

The Four "Vs" of Big Data

Analytics Matter

A Model for Closed Loop Decision Making

The Approach

Future Outlook

Products -- Multidisciplinary and Visual

Demand -- Profitable Growth Delivered

Supply -- Cumulative Capabilities, Managed Relationships

Other Line-of-Business Areas

Essential Guidance

Actions to Consider

Big Leadership

Big Architecture

Building on the Existing Portfolio

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Table: Analytic Capabilities

Table: The Intersection of Currency and Capability

Table: Vendor Approaches to Better Product Decision Making

Table: Vendor Approaches to Better Demand Decision Making

Figure: Integrated Business Intelligence

Figure: Vitality and Stability Balance

Figure: Resiliency and Relevancy/Reach

Figure: Balancing Capabilities and Relationships

Figure: Architecture Reference Model